11 Cruise Ships 38000 Passengers May Be Affected By Hurricane Dorian This Week

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11 Cruise Ships 38000 Passengers May Be Affected By Hurricane Dorian This Week 5

11 Cruise Ships 38000 Passengers May Be Affected By Hurricane Dorian This Week In the next few days Hurricane Dorian will causing potential issues with cruise ships and airplanes as it works it's way through the Eastern Caribbean. 11 different cruise ships from Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean,MSC and Norwegian may have to cancel ports of call or change their itineraries. The hurricane may also affect Florida in about 5 days as well.
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Glad I’m not on a cruise there, right now! It was bad enough when our ship sailed through a storm with 40 mile an hour and something like 30 foot waves! We went to Hawaii for a 15 day cruise (5 days sailing from US to Hawaii, 5 days sailing around the Islands and then 5 back home! It put us late into Maui, and because of the rough seas, we missed a stop on The Big Island!

Author — Perry Gerfen


I'm on Royal Princess Cruise in Alaska started Anchorage, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, now headed to Vancouver British Columbia. No issues with weather here...ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
STAY SAFE IN THE CARIBBEAN!!!🙏🏼💕 Thanks Bruce for keeping everyone up to date👍🏼

Author — Jacqueline S


Yeah that time of year it starts most active Sept through Oct. We Floridians have one eye on weather while quietly preparing. Business as usual.

Author — Debby


Thank you for posting. I have a up coming cruise on Carnival Liberty Sept. 9th out of Port Canaveral.

Author — Kendra Dawson


I love the quality of your videos, hope things die down before my October cruise.

Author — Wes Morrison


May God bless all the islands and the vessels and all the people around!!!!

Author — Debo Li


This blows! We are scheduled on the Mariner of the Seas this Friday, just when it will be facing the Bahamas. The entire season has been so quiet, until it is time for us to cruise of course lol

Author — Family Ocean


Thanks for the news Bruce. Your update is quicker than our local news.

Author — Debbie Emanuel


Dont tell Carnival cruises about the storm everyone, okej.

Author — Breadbugzombie964


if you live here like i do and cruise often this is the norm. been on only 1 out of 75 that they had to move out of its way! nothing unusual here.

Author — Patricia Wilhelm


I’m headed to Puerto Rico tomorrow! Just found out about this storm right now

Author — Freddy Martinez


Wishing everyone a safe cruise and calm waters.

Author — Nancy Zahradnik


Thank you for the info! I'm going to try to stay away from future bookings during hurricane season!

Author — Maria Gregg


👀, we leave on Allure of The Seas today who is already having engine issues! 👀👀🤠 As I was typing this my wife looks at our itinerary and we are now going to 3 different ports! This is the second change.

Author — Cruise with us


Not again! I hope all of the islands are ready for impact

Author — AC Supersport


Hope it doesn't hit Louisiana at all or even Texas or Mississippi even

Author — Brittany Anderson


I was on a Cruz once and got stuck at port while at sea for an extra 5 daz.it was Great.We all got Refunds and free travel vouches for next time Cruz.😃😃😃😃😃

Author — Jethro Bodine


Thank you for the info Bruce. I guess most of the ships will head to the 242 Bahamas first. That's a good thing.

Author — Solid Stuff


Thank you, good to know. Do you think this could effect a transatlantic crossing from Southampton to St John's next week weather wise?

Author — Barry Keenan


Wow I hope everyone still get to enjoy their cruise.

Author — Margaret Harmon