F-16 Cockpit Cam - PACAF Viper Demo - Matsushima Air Festival 2019

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F-16 Cockpit Cam - PACAF Viper Demo - Matsushima Air Festival 2019 5

Strap into the cockpit as the US Pacific Air Forces F-16 Demonstration Team performs at the 2019 Matsushima Air Festival airshow in Higashimatsushima, Japan.

Thank you to the PACAF Demo Team for the footage!

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Author — AirshowStuffVideos


It wasn't intentional but that reflection in the visor was brilliant. Two cameras in one. PLUS no crappy music, ten thumbs up!

Author — Rogers Photography


Dude pulled G the whole time! The F-16 is such a glorious machine. And, no shitty techno music, just the sounds of the jet. Love it.

Author — Smitty24


Black flight suit, stars and stripes gloves, mirrored visor. How much cooler can this guy get?

Author — dragonage200


I wonder if jet pilots ever get excited riding rollercoasters.

Author — Buggy Man


Officer: with how much G force can you handle?

Pilot: Yes!

Author — Der Gerät


Hello! I am Japanese. I was at Matsushima base on that day. I was very impressed with your maneuvering! I wanted to see the F-16 you got on again! Thank you for showing me acrobatic flight!

Author — ラプター


human beings are so weird. I mean, some humans don't wanna become fighter pilots. strange indeed.

Author — István Sipos


Awesome! Normally fighter jets do one or two high speed passes. This guy appeared to be balls to the wall the whole time! So cool!!

Author — freddimon94


This has got to be the best job in the entire world. Get to play in someone elses multi-million dollar state of the art aircraft....and get paid for it.

Author — nick4819


7 rolls in climbing with ceiling in the clouds at 10:25 and permanent vortex from the wings by pulling high G's. Incredible performance, precise control in loops, perfect orientation. Thanks a lot!

Author — Tom Mino


This guy absolutely ripped this demo, great performance!

Author — Dr. Banner


Impressive footage. I never saw a pilot fighting back g-forces so hard. The F-16 is truly a beast, but that looked amazing.

Author — Dokker62


Cool to see a fighter pilot who obviously loves his job! Murica!!



wow it's incredible how he preps himself by breathing heavy even before he's moving

Author — Alexander Cusden


There are two bugs at 3:20 on his canopy that have no idea what kind of ride they took today. Lol.

Author — S W


Probably the most impressive F-16 in cockpit display I've ever witnessed! The F-16 will hold its own with any jet in a visual range dogfight for years to come! So Impressive!

Author — 333crypta


This is the greatest flying video on YouTube!

Author — Ric Morgan


F-16 is my all time favorite plane. I would love to take a ride in one without all the twisting.

Author — Cappy McCappy


BEST footage I’ve EVER seen....

Author — phillmellina