Aircraft carrier to be named after Pearl Harbor hero

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Aircraft carrier to be named after Pearl Harbor hero 5

Instead of presidents or admirals, an African American enlisted sailor – a hero during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor – will be honored when the USS Doris Miller is christened. David Martin talks with Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly, who broke with tradition to name the next Navy aircraft carrier after an enlisted man, and with relatives of Doris "Dorie" Miller, who was not initially recognized for his valor on that "Day of Infamy."

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Military ships should be named after military heroes, rather than politicians. That way they begin service with a heroic legacy to uphold.

Author — 100forks


'USS Doris Miller' actually isn't even a bad name for a warship

Author — PauliusIV


About time heros were honoured instead of bs politicians.

Author — Craigx71


As a black man who is signing his navy contract Tuesday this makes me proud I hope to serve on it ⚓️

Author — Travis Jett


And everytime the carrier group deploys, "It's Miller time!".

Author — Casvar Daikun


A real American hero who absolutely deserves this honor.

Author — Eolafan100


The US Navy had awarded the " Dorrie Miller " award to the most outstanding Enlisted Mess in the Navy for the last 60 years..this should have been noted in this story..Dorrie Miller has NEVER been forgotten in our NAVY.

Author — Kevin Johnson


Politicians declare war - real men fight in them.

Author — Jesper Clemmensen


If he was a hero, he was a hero. Doesn’t matter what color his skin was.

Author — Joshua Ervin


It's not just that he was African American to active duty Sailors, Veterans and retired Sailors like me. Dorie Miller is the first enlisted man to EVER have a carrier named after him, it's a big deal to every enlisted Sailor who ever served.

Author — petis1976


When she quotes her grandmother,
"My son, is a Hero"
Yes ma'am, he was.

Author — luckie 17


He not only manned the anti aircraft guns, he risked his life by exposing himself to enemy fire while taking on superior enemy air power. If he had done 'only his job' he would have just evacuated.

Author — Bubba O


About time we named ships after American Heroes instead of politicians that would sell our country down the river to stay in power.

Author — Rusty Shackleford


These are the kind of stories that need to be told during Black History Month, instead of meaningless firsts that you hear about every year.

Author — Damian Toth


The Navy is naming a ship after a fighting sailor. Steady as she goes.

Author — Cole Fulks


I’ll be in my 60’s when the USS Dory Miller is launched and put into service, but if I were a young man when that happened, I would be proud to join the Navy and serve aboard that ship. Very proud.

Author — Matt Darcy


While a member of the US Navy stationed in Millington, TN 1982, we ate in a mess hall named in his honor!

Author — Calvin Roach


I'll like to thank JET magazine for publishing this known American History fact to me first when I was a kid.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯

Author — Warren Geti


I just like the fact that he was a common sailor. It's not often an enlisted man, doing his duty to the fullest, has one of the most powerful warships ever produced, named after him.

Author — Iron General


She thought she was having a girl but was surprised to give birth to an aircraft carrier. Very shocking.

Author — Blankslate