The Different Types of Japanese Carpenters - Woodworking Absolutely Incredible

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The Different Types of Japanese Carpenters - Woodworking Absolutely Incredible 4.5
The Different Types of Japanese Carpenters - Woodworking Absolutely Incredible by Their Craftsmanship - Impossible Japanese Wood Joints

Miyadaiku - 宮大工: Fujiwara Hiroki
Sukiya-daiku - 数奇屋大工
Sashimono-shi - 指し物師: Shimpei Kimura
Tateguya - 建具屋: Matsubayashi Keisuke

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💬 Comments on the video

8:50, holy shit, when its so much precision that the air behind pushes out the other boxes xO

Author — Robert


I am speechless, if i could spend the rest of my life watching a crafts man do these things i would be in my glory.

Author — gotany1


"Katsumoto no longer dishonors himself by using power tools."
"He uses no power tools?"
"Yes, you see to those who honor the old ways, Katsumoto is a hero."

Author — Thomas Walton II


I love the content BUT when its speeded up so fast that it causes brain aneurisms trying to keep up it robs us of the enjoyment!!! Slow down a little so we can all enjoy the perfection!

Author — Theophilus Jedediah


Some of the most beautiful craftsmanship I have seen. Absolutely amazing. A beautiful and highly respectable people. The Japanese are a great people no doubt.

Author — Mr Cool guy


Love the video! I have always been immensely impressed with Japanese Wood Joiner. Suggestion if I may. You highlight things in the video and then put the Kanji name up on the screen. Most people would not understand the Kanji and not know what it is that the characters mean. I know that not all Japanese words have English equivalents, but where possible, putting the Kanji and it related English word, might be better.

Author — Vyn Cent


when they show up wearing ninja boots, you know they mean business. That hidden dove-tail corner joint by the furniture maker (6:18) is awesome.

Author — Cariboo Custom Woodworks


spent several week in and around Kyoto which was day while walking I spied a NAIL, an iron nail used in a temporary safety railing on a construction stuck out like a sore thumb.,

Author — David Parry


He used his marking gauge as a cutting tool??? I can do that??!!

YAY! Gotta make one goo enough to do it.. To the shed!

Author — Tributary House Ltd.


"No nails were harmed in the making of this video."

Author — eewoo


I think the best part of woodworking is joinery making and fitting. It's very gratifying looking at your joint all set and almost perfect! Haha

Author — Leonardo Rojas


One of the many things I like about Japanese culture, is that in a world full of cutting edge technology and progression, the artisan crafts still have a very important place and are widely revered. The Japanese have a definite appreciation for hand crafted goods which we seem to have lost in the west.

Author — Michael Summerell


I’ve always had a ton of respect for Japanese craftsmen. Not just woodworkers. Definitely true masters of their craft. Nice video.

Author — J Austin


Very amazing and very beautiful! Thank you for sharing this video.

Author — Robert Brunston


I wuld go homeless if I owned a home depot in japan

Author — Mike Woods


@8:49 my favorite part so perfect the air pushes out the other drawers...this is supreme excellence.

Author — radical edward


You've got to love the joint work and the accuracy.

Author — 408Magenta


Great skills but I would never choose to give up my powertools.

Author — SpeakUp RiseUp


They are the best chippies in the world....awesome. Just amazing skills and dedication, thank you for the pleasure to see these master craftsman at work.

Author — Max Bliss


Beautiful workmanship on all! Thank you.

Author — Robert Brunston