I Really Don't Like PETA...

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I Really Don't Like PETA... 5

The message might be good but the plans laid forward and actions done by PETA can't be overlooked. Thanks for watching!
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Dissection was actually created in order to make sure every animal wasn’t cake

Author — Thiccen McNugget


I love how the "E for ethical" is the only lower-case letter in the logo. Because they don't actually treat animals ethically. Hiding in plain sight.

Author — Zach Wolfe


“Ask your mommy how many animals she killed...”
*Asks PETA how many animals they killed*

Author — Lord of Otter and Seal Videos


If my mom killed a bear by hand to get a fur coat, I would just be impressed

Author — AwesomeDragonPig 27


Peta: "killing animals is bad"
Also peta: *steals healthy happy animals from homes and killing them*
Also peta again: "give us money"

Author — juice box


“PETA does not care about animals”

The grass is green.

Author — xᴀᴅʀᴀɪᴄ


Greenpeace is somewhat the same. So are many smaller local organizations which rely on shock value to gain profit.

Author — Efe Aydal


PETA is the kid that asks ”What about the homework?” when the teacher forgets about the homework.
Edit:People keep arguing in the replies of this comment. It's not even a controversial comment or anything, it's a joke, treat it like a joke ffs

Author — Jun wants to vibe


Wait till PeTA finds out plants are living things

Author — Demoman


Here’s why Megadeth is better than PETA when they talk about animal rights

Megadeth: Won a Genesis award from the humane society, doesn’t use shock value to get their point across, makes stuff that will get you thinking, The founder Dave Mustaine kicked a dude just because that dude kicked his dog

Peta: Uses shock value, just tries to get you angry or brain wash you, their founder hasn’t fought a dude to protect their dog

In conclusion Megadeth>PETA

Author — Rahal Fan girl


PETA single handily killed the cake meme. PETA is that type of kid to ruin a field trip for the whole class.

Author — Ralnyx


"Do clams feel pain?" No, clams don't have true brains, they've a nerve cluster that interprets light signatures and signals from touch receptors, as well as control of general functions, essentially a brain stem without the brain. It has been scientifically proven that all arthropods and their relatives do not have pain receptors or conscious thought to interpret pain with. In short, clams are delicious little meat rocks that are barely the definition of alive.

Author — Marie MacLawder


And neither does Australia. Especially after they made fun of us having a massive fire and blamed it on eating meat

Author — Jkgaming101


PETA: “Oh! We love animals and we wouldn’t harm them in any way!”
Also PETA: *kidnaps someone’s dog and euthanises it*

Author — Xackatic


There's an interesting conspiracy theory that PETA was created by the big meat industries to make vegans look bad. It's probably not true, but it almost makes sense when you think about it.

Author — The Gaming Burger


Ik u probably won't see this but I look forward to ur videos every single day, man. You kinda feel like the older brother I never had.

Author — Rakibul Chowdhury


A couple years back peta was doing the a woman painted like a cow on a fake grill display. I walked up to the demonstrators and asked when the food would be ready. They were very confused for some reason. I had to explain to the that what they are saying is humans are just animals and if we eat animals then it was OK to eat people . They told me to go away .
Edit . At least that was what the display said to me

Author — andrew ramsey


It’s really stupid that PETA thinks dissecting animals is cruel, when we do the same thing to humans after they died.

Author — DarkyBoode32


At my school, we had a field trip that had something related to PETA. I was really young and I lOvEd animals. They didn’t give us any statistics or anything, just that PETA was inherently good. I thought they were legit angel people, lmfao NOPE

Author — •mxchi •


SomeOrdinaryGamer: I'm not a doctor. I'm an engineer.
Me: A machine doctor...

Author — Schnee Queen