Avril Lavigne - COMPLICATED but it's complicated (PROG METAL COVER)

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Things get complicated when we try to make a complicated prog metal cover of Complicated by @Avril Lavigne . Join us in this journey between odd time signatures, weird chord progressions and quintuplets.
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Dave: Vocals, Guitar.
Joe: Guitar, Bass.

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I play bass in Avril’s band. I’ll start learning this version for the next tour! 🎶🎶

Author — Matt Reilly Productions


Now do Avenge Sevenfold's "Almost Easy" and make it sound... well almost easy

Author — Ryan Susa


This is amazing, but I need Adam Neely to explain to me exactly why this is so amazing.

Author — Ryan Young


"Bro, which of these several needlessly complicated arrangements should we use for this song?"


Author — Niky Tamayo


That first verse has a strong feeling of a flight of stairs with one less step than expected.

Author — biggerdoofus


Joe's obvious distress at the syncopation is a mood

Author — SquirrellyOtter


I don't think most people realize the sheer genius of the chord progressions and the timings... this is incredible, I'm a huge Avril Lavigne fan and this blew me away

Author — Amethyst


can't be prog metal, it's less than 12min long

Author — Dominic Ryder


I have never felt both quite so validated and attacked at the same time.

Author — CloudMountainJuror


Bro, this is pure genius. Tbh, I think this needs to be an entire series in itself

Author — drums4lyfe0987


I think you did this mainly out of the pun but... damn I would buy a whole album of complicated covers like this!

Author — Musicaloris


This is honestly probably the best showcase of your musical abilities yet... I knew you could shred while progging!

Author — Mark Malinowski


"If you're not on patreon, that means that you're not on patreon. And if you're not on patreon, join our patreon. So that you could be on patreon." :D
Guitar solo was gorgeous btw

Author — Reel Mayer


This song is so complex it's notes have an imaginary part

Author — Vlad Klim


holy. It is complex but the complexity is well executed and doesn't hurt the song but complements it.

Author — RJB TV


My wife from the other room: "Dear lord what is that noise?!"
Me: Its...uh ...complicated

Author — Cryptomusic Bear


3:29 Avril Lavigne's Complicated sung over double bass quintuplets... Something I never thought I'd hear

Author — iau


I wonder if youtube algorithm still recognizes the song as a cover.

Author — superjarri


I'm a pretty huge Avril Lavigne fan (been there since 2002 for her), and honestly, this is the first good cover I have heard of complicated in a long time. Good job guys. :)

Author — aqfina


"Prog Metal"
*video length about 5 minutes*

Author — MTD