Top 10 Uncharted 4 Moments That Made It A Masterpiece

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Top 10 Uncharted 4 Moments That Made It A Masterpiece 5

My 10 favorite moments that made Uncharted 4 an amazing send-off for Nathan Drake!
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Uncharted 4 A Thief's End released on PS4 in May 2016. In my Uncharted 4 Review I called the game a masterpiece so in this video, I show gameplay while talking about my top 10 favorite moments in the game. Every death, emotional and ending epilogue scene in the video was recorded with my PS4 Pro. These are the best cutscenes and moments in the game to me. Enjoy the video!

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Elena Fisher one of the best female characters in a video game ever!!!

Author — kemuael


I also really like when they visit the old lady, and we get to know why he calls himself Drake.

Author — JacobOlli


Legendary game. I wouldn't change anything about this incredible series. I hope they don't make another and ruin the legacy of such a perfect bunch of games

Author — Josh Rhoden


I would add the scenic truck ride with Elena after their "discussion". With the OST "For better or worse" playing, I think they nailed that uneasy feeling through just gameplay.

Author — Slicerdamage96


This game will age so well. The more I think about it the better it seems.

Author — Marth


There has never been a more perfect ending to a series. I was in tears for over 15 mins. From the hunch that this girl could be their daughter to getting poof via the baby pictures in the album. From finding out about Sully's and Sam's adventures to the fact that they really did call the Dog Vicci, which is so perfect in combination with the extra scene in Madagascar. From Cassy finding all the treasure to finally seeing Elena and Nate again... with grey hair... god damn grey hair... I've never been more satisfied and more sad at the same time. Even if I want it so desprately, I hope they won't make another chapter. It doesn't get any better!

Author — shorty2905


Did you all know that Uncharted 4 became the most awarded video game of 2016 in receiving 161 Game of the Year awards :D

Author — Damien Darley


is it just me or anyone else felt that the chapter marooned was one of the most unique experience? It gave the most uncharted 4 feel possible.

Author — Dhaval Chavda


Great, you made me cry. I hope you are satisfied now...
Also I feel like I need to play the series again lol

Author — Gabriele Pitruzzella


OMG, you're making me want to replay Uncharted 4 over again. Love it.

Author — Aaron Cutter


I have never played a game like this before which carries almost everything in it ..

Surprise Factor, Romance and Sweet Moments between Nate and Elena, Full Packed action scenes, Sarcasm, Betrayal, Sacrifice, Brotherhood, Friendship (Sully & Nate), Awesome Background score and top in my preferences Scenic Beauty in midst of all this .. Truly it`s a legendary game and kudos to Naughty Dog .. I am expecting Lost Legacy to be at least decent enough .. I am sure it cannot be par with this ..

Author — Anudeep Srivastav


the way uncharted 4 ended was simply perfect.

Author — Max Løppenthien


The Music at 11:47 always gets me in the Epilogue. :'( The shot of Elena too watching them! The feels man!

Author — BradleyS95


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is perfection. Easily my favorite game of all time, even barely edging out The Last Of Us by a hair's breadth. Just like right there 👌. Also, good timing with this video Robin! I just started replaying Uncharted 4's story for like the 5th time 2 days ago. Taking a long break from the game and then coming back to it makes the whole experience even better.

Author — PHXNTXM


2 years later. Uncharted 4 is still my favourite game of all time.

Damn I feel old

Author — x Speczy


My favorite scene is learning all the pirates turned on each other because of Elena’s reaction.

Everyone complains there’s no consequences to his actions, but in that moment you can see Elena realize how much Nathan loves the adventures. As he gets caught up in the pirate’s deaths. This goes perfectly with the epilogue as you see all their archaeology finds over the years.

Author — FinalGaming


One of my favorite moments, tho may considered weird to ppl, is when Sam and Nate are in the demolished pub alone in Libertalia having a deep dialogue selectable conversation

Author — Alexander Bemis


imagine having nate as your history teacher, nate: so bow we are going to learn about the pirates and so we are having a expidition to libertalia XD that would be awesome

Author — Alex Janoher


Uncharted 4 is my fav Uncharted game. I love every bit of it. How can i pick 10 moments? The game overall is lit.

Author — Frederick Clancy


Sword fight was top 3 for me, So awesome! Great video though man :)

Author — TheApexHound