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Adam visits Patrick the founder of an independent cross-dressing service where he gets his make-up and styling done and tells him how he got into cross-dressing before revealing his new look to his brother.

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This is a kind of vice because it's something the mind craves deeply. And just like any vice, there's nothing wrong with satisfying it responsibly. There's nothing wrong with eating a chocolate cause you've been craving one all day long, as long as you don't wolf down 10 chocolates. The problem with crossdressing is that there really isn't any socially acceptable way of satisfying the crave. And i don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with crossdressing. Clothes are clothes and they are meant to protect our bodies, but also to enhance our natural features. Women's clothes are women's because they really make female features stand out. Narrow waist, wide hips. When a man wears women's clothes, they end up accentuating exactly the opposite features. Straight waist and hips. Wide shoulders. And that's where a great deal of the social rejection comes from. Men in dresses don't look good by default. But that doesn't mean they can't ever look good in dresses. And this is what this guy is doing: making men look good in dresses. And i think that's great.
I hope society becomes more accepting of this. But at the same time i hope crossdressers stay true to themselves and don't let the vice take over. Remember who you are and embrace it.

Author — Cristi Neagu


What a lovely reaction from his brother, there's nothing wrong with cross dressing in my book and I admire the men who have the courage to do it, done it a few times myself and it felt good but if my friends found out they would rip the shit out of me.anyway, if it feels good then do it!

Author — Adam Weston


Nice video as a fellow dressing service organisation/makeup artist it is always nice to see how the end results can/does give wonderful rewards. Hopefully, day by day barriers are being broken down.

Author — Crossdressing Lifestyle


I want that blue dress. You look stunning in it by the way.

Author — Bronwen


Oh wow, , how beautiful was this? I loved this. Rarely does a video bring a tear to my eye, but I was very warmed by Anna's upbeat, kind, genuine, warm personality. Her lovely smile and her relationship with her brother was lovely to see. Anna is the type of girl I would love to bring out on a date and Patrick has a great personality. he and Anna really clicked. i could go on, , , wonderful stuff. Really enjoyed this.

Author — markirish37


I feel we are happier than 'other people' because we choose everything.

Author — Olivia Wu Tran


I love what you do !!! I honestly wish you could do me up as well as a woman naturally, i have no confidence in makeup or cloths. I desperately wish i had someone to bring out the beauty in me the way you do in your clients. So wonderful

Author — illora125


Wow !! The way his brother embraced him at first sight was sooo awesome 💕

Author — Natalie FromCA


Great job on the makeup. I'm mtf Trans myself and used to do the cross dressing thing for years trying to convince myself that's what I was. If he was on hrt his face would transform somewhat wheras fat distrubuting more feminine and look so much better as well as skin softening . I got to where in my early 40s it wAs so much work to cross dress to hide the effects of years of testosterone as well as hiding the disphoria . I'm so glad I finally dealt with my issues. Maybe that's something hing he should take a look at since he dressed at such a young age . When a boy stArts to cross dress at a young age it's not usually a fetish and a gender disphoric issue.
I'm not saying this to influence or advise him what to do . I wish someone would of helped me earlier and confirm what I already knew about myself so I didn't feel like I wasted years not being my true self. Seeing a gender specialized therapist was the best thing I have ever done in my life and finally I'm happy . All I'm saying is I see how happy he is presenting female. Maybe It's somethings hing worth looking into . We only live one life and don't make the mistakes I made of being in denial.

Author — Jessica V


I need to do this 😊 shows such courage!

Author — Lucy Summers


Love this Patrick, as always your awesome and so are your brave girls

Author — J Round


Most of the makeover looked PERFECT. The foundation was the wrong color. This guy to me really looked better as a guy. Not because of the makeover (The artist did a good job!) but because look so handsome and beautiful as a man

Author — Jamila Coleman


Patrick, I've been looking at your website and seen a few videos on this channel... I saw u an mcr airport security on Monday at about 4pm ish... Kinda wanted to say hi, but of course u wud have no idea who I was. Hoping to book a sesh with you very soon

Author — Richard Worth


Hello there ! What part of the U.K is this location ?
Don't think we here in the U.S.A have anything
quite like places like this . At all, how awful .

Author — Danny Holmes


Wish there was a place like this in the States.

Author — Michael Kieffer


Wow so many beautiful girls ... Wish it was me :)

Author — Marci Smith


4:58 gets makeup all over brother's shoulder.

Author — kevin15776


The makeup artist did such a fantastic job

Author — Gleam&Resonate


are the full episodes of these available online, all4 app and the site doesn't have them,

Author — 29NarutoXHinata


He left a huge make up stain on his brothers jacket 😬

Author — Kimberley -