Star Citizen: Alpha 3.14 - Welcome to Orison

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New action-packed dynamic events, a new ship, game-changing improvements in the cockpit, and an all-new Landing Zone among the clouds. Welcome to Alpha 3.14. Welcome to Orison.


Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game "Star Citizen" and its companion single-player spaceflight sim, "Squadron 42." RSI is also your portal for information, updates, and purchases of your very own spacecraft with which to trade, plunder, and protect the citizens of Star Citizen.

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💬 Comments

In 2.6 i stood on port olisars pads looking at a monsterous image of crusader that would take up half the screen and wondered when i could fly down. That time is now.

Author — Duffman Oh No!


That smooth fly-by though. I hope the in-development backend stuff will give us something closer to that one day.

Author — schtoobs


Orison looks truely breathtaking! Amazing work from all involved

Author — CaptainWicky


It's such a pleasure to see the game grow with every patch and get better and better.
Sure, at times it gets frustrating because it seems to take bloody forever... but in the end it's worth the wait, every time.

Amazing work CIG! o7

Author — Fizzlefuse


Damnit Pedro, that choir and orchestral swell puts a lump in my throat every time XD

Author — TerminalHamster


Love the game but we really need that server meshing. If we could run in orison without having only 15 fps that be dope cause it's stunning!

Author — Jordan


Those warp in animations and sounds, can't wait till those get improved in game.

Author — Xander Jones


i can fell my PC screaming for the performance, still astonishing and beautiful

Author — Failomas


Orison is a work of art, my hat is off to the team for the amount of work and detail involved.

Author — Jim Badger


This has to be one of the best updates we have gotten so far! I have not played on PTU on purpose and I am excited to experience it all for the first time.

Author — Smap


CIG has now officially earned their name!!!

Author — HK-47


Yo, big props to the music and sound teams, y'all did a absolutely amazing job with Orison and honestly in general!

Author — Quamont


having just finished a 2hr play session that didn't crash - i can actually say that ship combat in this patch is FUN

Author — Teddy Proctor


Fantastic work CIG. You are making the dreams of so many of us become a reality, one step at a time. I am soooo looking forward to giving this patch a whirl!

Author — Ocic14


Ersh... Mer... GOD!! I Love This! Ive been watching this game develop for years now without the ability to play it yet. 😭I can't wait!! Keep it up fellow Citizens.. I'll see y'all.. amongst the stars!

Author — Yujiro Hanma


Well done devs well done. Been backing this project for 6 years and never have I lost hope on it. Chris Robert's way of managing everything and its effectiveness can be questioned sure, but how creative and strong CIG devs are man truly impressive, hats off. Chris' true vision is finally starting to reveal itself. Thank you Chris and CIG

Author — Swedish Latino


Lets freaking go. Unreal work from CIG, and they just keep delivering. Cant thank you guys enough!

Author — Majorchug


OMG. Did your composer just take the 'warp' sound effect in game and incorporate that into his music? o.O

Also that scanning looks great.

Author — Name Less


Lol @ that one person showing up to a big fire fight in an origin luxury yacht

Author — Jon Jay Bemel


WOW... Just.. wow. Now that's a how you do a patch trailer!! There's soo much to take in omg!

Author — Iron Man98