Hades Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Hades is a one-of-a-kind experience that sets the bar for fully utilizing the medium of video games that should be experienced by all -- if they're up to the challenge.

Review on PC by Nick Limon. Also available on Nintendo Switch.

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This is the culmination of almost a decade of indie development. It uses everything they've tried and perfected over the course of supergaints history. It refines the atmosphere and characters of bastion, the combat and build diversity boiled down from transistor, the progressive game and character development of pyre. It's a decade of refinement and mastery of indie game design, I loved it. A master stroke for sure.

Author — Possumking42


Wow, I looked up Nick Limon because this was one of the best written reviews I've ever watched/read. Turns out, this is his first one! Amazing Nick! Keep it up. I'll be following you closely!

Author — Vita Spieler


This has been one of the best reviews ign has done in a long time, whoever this guy is, keep him around

Author — kevin rodriguez


the true crime of the review is not saying anything about the art. damn that game is beautiful

Author — Rainando


Reviews like this is why I wish reviews didn’t have scores attached. He gave a great review but everyone is more concerned that it’s not a 10. What would giving it a 10 do differently for you if everything he said remains the same?

Author — Gardi


That was the most 10 sounding nine I've ever seen

Author — D Bechtel


For anyone who got into Hades without knowing much about the genre (like me) ... Trust me, it gets better. Don't let yourself down if you can't progress that much at first. It gets better, a lot more fun and you start to see progress after a while. Hang in there and the game starts to become really addictive.

Author — MadSnake123


It's a 10 in my book. As varied and one-more-run-inducing as you could want. That's not even taking into account the quality art and sound, or the huge cast of compelling characters that all have so many unique bits of fun, interesting, well-delivered dialogue that it's kinda ridiculous. It's one of the best games I've ever played. The average time here was kinda eerily accurate, too. My first clear was run #29, and I put 53 hours into it before putting it down (until now, where I'll probably pick it right back up again).

Author — RadicalStanza


Love how the developers went with new art direction each time - Bastion, Transistor, now Hades. Art always on point!

Author — Pixel Architect


This game is a 10. Playing on Switch and I'm 585 hours and 187 attempts in. The build options alone are staggering, but the story has absolutely hooked me.

Author — Stuart Robinson


Honestly one of the most fun games I've played in this generation! The combat and rouge cycle is so addictive! Another gem from Supergiant Games!!

Author — SearchingHawk


Got to the real ending yesterday and bought this game since early access: please trust a random stranger on the internet and just buy this masterpiece

Author — Enrico Bersani


This is such a unique, charming and impressive game. It just keeps evolving and getting more and more interesting.



I love when little indie games can rack up a high score like this👍🏾

Author — The Real Arsonist


I was hesitant to buy this cause I'm not really into action games but I gave it a shot and I'm hooked. This game is a masterpiece.

Author — vinni3c


I just got this game a couple days ago, it is easily one of the best looking games I’ve played. It’s art is beautiful and it’s gameplay is amazing.

Author — Good Networking


A great review! I've put 21hrs into the early access version throughout different stages of major updates, and this game is absolutely brilliant. Gorgeous graphics (I really, really want an artbook), clever and varied dialogue with on-point voice acting, intrigue that runs deep through long term story telling, and tight controls/gameplay. This game deserves to be given a shot by any gamer even remotely curious; I'll be diving back into the underworld this weekend and it will be glorious!

Author — Shayne


This game is a 10 for me for sure, one of the best roguelikes

Author — Gondala Satvarsh


The same thing happened with me with griftlands. What both these games did was recontextualize roguelike mechanics into a story. That kept me engaged. Hades is great because there's story progression even if there's no progression in the rogue part.

Author — LightngHb


I'm not ashamed to say that I have put 60 hours into this game before it even left Early Access.
The boons combine in interesting ways and there are so many builds available, no two runs will look the same.
10/10 in my book and it's a roguelike I'll be playing for years.

Author — iga1