Nebenraum feat. Dan O'Clock - 9 (Sonnenbad Radio Edit)

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Video by: Lina Schütze

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O God I love this song, i can listen it every day and it doesn't bother me!

Author — Marat Asanbaev


Gazing through my window, all that I can see
A hundred ghosts without a name
No one's breaking out, nobody says a word,
["You're not talking(?)..." can't understand this line]
Tell me why
We don't care for [what is(?)] people
A better world, a better time
In between a million faces
I'm on cloud number nine

(scat singing)

The early summer rises, guiding me the way
You get unlocked inside my mind
come closer, touch me, feel the freedom every day
our love is deep and undefined
I believe we are prisoners of magic
Open hearts, the eyes run blind
show the world [in love?] these traces
I'm up on cloud number nine

(scat singing)
Up on cloud number nine
(scat singing)

But if I knew this would last forever, baby
so true, love is here to stay
It's you, and we will stand together
Gonna catch you deeper than my skin
You let the sunshine in

(scat singing)
You let the sunshine in
(scat singing)
Up on cloud number nine
(scat singing)

Author — Самат Смагулов


Вышел неплохой ремикс на:Soundlovers – Run A Way (по ней и узнал песню)

Author — Boile Strom


The song looks like Soundlovers and Alex C together ajajajaj i love it <3

Author — Vestal87


Who is singing Nebenraum? And does he have more tracks. 

Author — Mr Greed's Gadgets


песня тема !!! ассоциации с песней: едешь на бмв 740 скорость 180 км. ч по трассе с открытым люком на отдых включил радио а там это песня

Author — Assel Zhanseitova


"Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt" ^^

Author — Bommelzm