Trump Wants Stricter Immigration Laws | The Daily Show

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Trump Wants Stricter Immigration Laws | The Daily Show 5

Donald Trump wants reform in the immigration system, feeling that the current process may not be restrictive enough..

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When comedy channels are more informative than the news

Author — Drangus


just the fact that they're calling this a "lottery" is a joke.

Author — Mehdi Balhouane


Every time I think Trump can not get any dumber, he proves me wrong.

Author — TheKaiTetley


Sending the "worst" citizens? Really? The skilled professionals fortunate enough to have the cash and skills to leave their home countries?
I'm sorry, but if you think the USA is enough of a sh!thole for other countries to "send" their dregs, then you have a much bigger problem.

Author — pawala


Honest to God, what ARE the legal qualifications to become the President??

Author — Matt Johnston


USA was built on immigration. It is supposed to be the land of the free where people come to fulfill their dreams. This dumb man cannot represent your country. Stand up to your president Americans before it's too late !

Author — Z J


If he doesn't realise that Puerto Rico is a US territory, is he worried about people coming in from Hawaii?

Author — Robin Hislop


I bet if migrants had a choice they'd pick europe over the us every time.

Author — Vajid Ali


Why would anyone want to move to the USA? Sounds like they have a Police state where only the Mega-rich flourish, not a pleasant place to go is the picture I am getting.

Author — Mikey P


Trump went bankrupt running casinos - probably why he hates lotteries so much.

Author — Ashcool


The real problem in the US right now is that 10s of millions of people will call what Trevor said in the lottery process as "fake news" and will believe EXACTLY, to the word, what Trump just said.

That is a real problem. Because it doenst go away when Trump does.

Author — Jf H


If you read between the lines of what Trump is saying. He thinks other countries "send" their citizens to the usa. That their governments send these people to the usa. He is not lying, he really believes this is true. Which means that he considers this Which means, if he could, he would do the same with Americans. After all, that used to be his reality. Don't like some employees? Just fire them. But you can't fire someone from being an American.

Author — Peter Faber


All these for a chance to get shot at by an American policeman?

Author — boujounomono


When Trump is being Trumpish, I always keep an eye on the faces of anyone sitting/standing near him.

Author — J Wildberry


I can't believe how ignorant Trump is about the things that he ran his campaign on.

Author — Nahla Aly


Thanks Trevor for doing this!!!! Finally!!!! It’s a disgrace that the President of the US can lie so much and no one is stopping him. It’s a disgrace.

Author — Esther Aiyeniwon


Trump should start a commedy show...!!! Coz his logic and talks are funnier. How do Americans put up with him.

Author — Arvind Mahato


Who would want Trump in their country, he is actually the worst of the worst!

Author — Sazi Stiegmann


In the future all primary candidates should undergo mental screening and IQ testing. Below average people shouldn't be allowed in positions of power...

Author — StrategySceptic


Few years more of DJT presidency, and immigration problem will solve automatically...

Author — Vlad Kutsov