2017 ION Paintball: The Invasion of Normandy @ Skirmish USA

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For the third year in a row, Social Paintball was at the world famous Skirmish USA for the annual Invasion of Normandy, affectionately known as ION, in Pennsylvania. It is the largest paintball event in the world and a bucket-list scenario event to attend. Here is the official highlight video from the event!

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I finally made it baby! Three years of you guys putting my best friend in using MY bow and now I finally get in with my AK

Author — Rektalof Blades


Been out of ION for a few years but coming back in 2018.

Author — MsArtemis01Paintball


Sad to see that people nowadays judge every single paintball video based off of their music. Like why not just enjoy the damn video for once without being a backseat video critique? This goes for social paintball, HK Army, Gi Sports, and the rest of the other big name paintball channels that work hard to put up entertaining content for you!

Love the video Social, I'm sure Caleb got his ass kicked putting this together!

Author — LXCKY Shop


When the horns were blown and battle commenced it was one lf the loudest things ill ever hear in my life

Author — [HH]General Burkhalter


Idk what you guys are talking about. Starset is a good band, and it's nice to hear something other than dubstep/edm on a paintball video. Awesome video Social Paintball.

Author — FRITZ


Yes that intro song said it all, that's why I go every weekend 😎😎😎

Author — Black Wolf


This video turned out to be a lot better than I expected. I keep coming back everyday to watch it to remind myself how awesome this event was.

Author — DarkTyrant


My friend and I are going to the event for the first time in July. This video got me so hyped for it. Excellent music choice and fantastic editing.

Author — Austin S.


That was my first time going to a scenario, love the song

Author — Jack M


Do a sooner one on olkahoma dday it is freaking awesome Dwayne is a great guy that dose great things for others and I think it is the best out of skirmish and livingledgens so please try to do another one on olkahoma dday if u can't I under stand thanks for your time if you read this God bless u and have a great day😀

Author — High Performance Ballers


This was my second year and the fact I made it to not only the video but the thumbnail is really awesome! Can't wait until next year #ION #29division... and shout out to you guys you're videos are always great and put me in the mood to shoot some paint! Keep the videos coming

Author — 090shak


Awesome video!.. then top it off with some starset 😁🤘

Author — Sneaky Android


Just found out about this (and skirmish paintball in general.) Live only two hours away and can't wait to try this stuff out.

Author — Idiocy Incorporated


This looks so damn fun I got to play there

Author — Foster Photography


I love skirmish. I used to live in allbrightsville when I was in high school. I played at skirmish many times while I was in high school there. It's an amazing place.

Author — resevil


See you there this July. I'll be the one running around in a Rat factory Jersey and a tequila sunrise Shocker.... Turbo.

Author — FUBAR' ed Matt


What program are you using to edit your videos with?
Great video btw.

Author — Help our Heroes


Thos awesome combination of video and music! Awesome!!

Author — Gott Mars


Curious how much do the ION event jerseys cost first time going in 2018.

Author — Clive Fernet


Do you play just the section that was shown in the video? I'm pretty sure skirmish is 50x bigger

Author — giovanni santana