How to use a Ricoh Theta S

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

In this short video Ceci covers how to turn the Ricoh Theta S camera on, how to start recording and how to take a photo with the Ricoh Theta S. Check out the next few videos in the series to see how to transfer your photos and videos to a Mac and how to use the Ricoh Theta S app for your phone to instantly transfer and stitch your video.

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Very nice. Do not forget in the next video to explain how to mount your Theta as Mass Storage. You need to click on the shutter button and the wifi button at the same time when you plug your camera to your computer ;-)
Keep up the great work.

Author — Frédéric Sidler


Love the video! Great info, short and concise and very clear. Thank you! Next video!

Author — Juan Carlos Briceno


Are you able to take a picture using your phone and not touching the camera?​

Author — Max Conine


Hello Metta, can I use a mobile phone charger to charge the Ricoh Theta? Or should I just load it from a computer through its USB port?

Author — Martín Acosta Lavié


'...That accent is mesmerizing...' so I start paying attention. Then you smile, your face lights up and suddenly I realize, 'Hey! This chick is gorgeous!' [ ~Job well done~ ( simplicity + crisp delivery ) = immaculate tutorial ]

Author — Joon Siu


Not pleased with the answer how does it work without me listening

Author — Nutid Timelapse