WATCH: Erdogan and Putin hold press conference following talks

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WATCH: Erdogan and Putin hold press conference following talks 5
Turkish president threatens to resume military offensive against Kurdish Syrian forces.
he meeting came hours before a ceasefire between Turkish and Kurdish forces in northern Syria is set to expire.
Putin and Erdogan's talks focused on "normalising the situation" in northeast Syria.
The two leaders also spoke about the economic relations between the two countries.

Al Jazeera reports live from Sochi, Russia.

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If Nato countries had helped Turkey in its bad days, , Turkey Would not have had to go Russia..It is the western countries who betrayed with Turkey..american trained and gave weapons to Kurds but never thought of Turkey..They played double game..Western Media was silent about Yemen..but they are now too much sensitive .... What a hypocrisy!!!!

Author — Yeasir Arafat


Turkey is Trying to make safe zone in Syria for 50 lakhs Syrian migrants who living Turkey they will rehabilitate on thier own land

Author — mirza moiz baig


AND TRUMP is claiming to have solved this situation and has SECURED the OIL and will DECIDE what to do with the irony!!!!

Author — linda green


al jazeera get rid of the Turkish - english translator. She has missed translating so many important messages from Erdogan!!!

Author — TheFuture2050


A significant event today, Syria, and Turkey peace plan(saves lives) and improved trade between Turkey and Russia. Full Praises to Erdogan and Putin.

Author — tean tan


🇲🇾🇹🇷...✊🏼Malaysia & Turkey brothers till the end!!!

Author — NO Toms 0


I'm ibrahim from Somalia man cyit kismaayo like pawar turkeys vs Russian pawar guud Mr Putin vs Mr erdugan guud boys

Author — Ibrahim Yussuf


Only sirian sould decide on their country .

Author — Eleazar Ramirez


where is bloodshed there are Americans and Europeans to establish colonial regimes

Author — iut port


He could not remain silent 🔇 "! It was an obvious" case for a suited individual "! Put your selves in the same position 📭" My lord "!🏺.

Author — Sandra Richardson


8 times in a month something about to happen

Author — Karadag Abdussamed


Americans and Russians both are agreed to setup a safe zone its very good achievement by Turkish president . best wishes from Pakistan .

Author — Rana Tariq Javed Khan


Let's take 50 yeàrs without war in the world and we will see how sweet life is

Author — Robinson Glaude


Policy has no permanent friendship but it has permanent interest, look at these men and what they believe Bashar Al Asad!

Author — Yasta Yusuf


What we are just watching here is agreement of wild wild West. The land breeze is blowing Tukey from east these days.

Author — عمر احمد


go head and blow the ussa and me to the redcsea the usa don deasive this power

Author — MICHAEL boyd


I'm not sure the Western Zionist worlds wants to hear you and hear you well enough to understand from the heart.

Author — Al Demir


Who remembers the name of the "official leader" of Syria?

Author — Think about it


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Author — Max Waller


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