Thousands protest in Iran after military admits it shot down aircraft

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Thousands protest in Iran after military admits it shot down aircraft 4.5
Protests erupted across Iran for a second day on Sunday, piling pressure on the country's leadership after the military's admission that they accidentally struck Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, causing it to crash.

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At least the Iranians value innocent people over solemani

Author — Fawaz Tehami


True fact, regular folk don’t like and don’t want wars.

Author — ewlchen


The world has no place for religious fascist like those mullahs and ayatollahs who have held the country of Iran and its people hostage for 40 years.

Author — Yo Momma


Oh how the tides have changed . This is great and I respect these people .



More power to the Younger Generation protesters. 👏
BLESSINGS to them. 👍🦋💖

Author — D L Malley


They are marching against the government for regime change not the military. CBC is siding with the evil of the Iranian totalitarian dictatorship.!

Author — Meme Mine


As a Canadian I thank the Iranian people who mourn for the loss of all those on board.

Author — Schmitty


The world is with you, stand up, fight back.

Author — Sushi Wolf


If I lived in Iran, I doubt I would be courageous enough to openly protest their regime.

It's remarkably brave of these people to stand up to this government with its long history of using torture and executions to suppress dissenters.

Author — John Jarrett


Thank you for bringing attention to the issue people of Iran...RIP to the 176 people on board.

Author — oktaecyoong


So odd CBC has been telling everyone it was Donald trumps to lie when people tell the truth and destroy your CBC

Author — Stokley


How about Condolences to the thousands of victims of Salami?

Author — Gary McAleer


People of Iran are persecuted by its governments.

Author — siddharth kumar


THIS is courage and bravery!
You've gotta love these ordinary Iranians getting out there and making themselves heard.

Author — bravo2zeroCAN


Plane would not have crashed if Iran did not shoot it down! This is not a plane crash. It’s murder by a terrible regime!

Author — Corwyn Warwaruk


that old fart cried for Soliemani and now once again he is killing the people who protest - this fart really comes from the spirit of the "prince of darkness"

Author — Jun Don


People of Iran go on and protest down supreme evil leader

Author — Cerilo Naive


how do you mistake a missile that has a speed of 14000-15000 mph with an airplane with a max speed of 650mph

Author — t s


Have a SAM site near an airport with no communications between airport and SAM site. What could go wrong?

Author — PakMan


More government and military officials should be prosecute.

Author — 梁雨轩