Star Citizen: Constellation Taurus

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The name trusted by casual and professional spacefarers alike takes an essential step forward in cargo transport while remaining true to its iconic roots. The all-new RSI Constellation Taurus - still does it all.


Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game "Star Citizen" and its companion single-player spaceflight sim, "Squadron 42." RSI is also your portal for information, updates, and purchases of your very own spacecraft with which to trade, plunder, and protect the citizens of Star Citizen.

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💬 Comments

These Ads are always insanely well made.

Author — Pyriphlegeton


Finally, after 4 delays and 6 years of waiting, my original pledge ship is finally here.

Author — Mightylink


These adds are so dam on point. The team that does these should proud. I make 1 recommendation, with all the ship spots add a slow pan around the ship, give people more time to take the ship in, then hit us with the add. Well done !

Author — Drivertilldeath


Friendship with Freelancer ended.
Constellation Taurus is my new best friend.

(Still love you Freelancer DUR, see you again when exploration is a thing <3)

Author — Bipede


Loved that ship, never melted it. Waited forever.

Author — Klausberger


I'm legit happy for long-suffering Taurus owners. I hope you enjoy the ship you pledged for all those long years ago. Safe travels o/

Author — T B


So all the changes (i know of) for the Taurus for those interested:
1- Bottom turret replaced with tractor beam. (Crew requirement now down to just 2 people (1 pilot + 1 turret operator) with the removal of 1 combat turret and the Merlin)
2- Extended Cargo hold. (hard to impossible to see in the video, but main body is longer than the other variants)
3- s1 missile arms removed. (a bit odd that the arms got removed instead of the top launchers that would had freed up cargo space)
4- Rear docking replaced with a additional cargo grid. (Possibly shielded compartment once that feature is added in the future)
5- Pledge store price changed from 150 to 190 dollars (currently warbond for 160 too, 30 dollar discount in that price range is good for CCU chains).

Author — Shaderox


Yes! Love these in-lore ship commercials

Author — CaptainWicky


"Just as soon as there is cargo worth hauling"

Author — Lucas Bright


If there would be a separate deck for cargo ships to load cargo in the cargo area, it would be very immersive and interesting!

Author — lllKRENDELLLlll


Alright, but can the kitchen table lift up now?

Author — Michael Vasconcelos


God, this music is sick.

If anyone knows what it's called(if it is even released anywhere), i'd be quite grateful.

Author — ScrubSoba


what a fantastic video! The shot of the RSI logo from behind the guy on the balcony, the quick shot of the engine flare out, the sped up loading/unloading, the music - its all so fantastic and well-put together!

Author — Hemanshu Chawda


Anyone realize we get a glimpse of landing inside cargo deck? :D

Author — Getwulf Saxon


Very nice ship. Great to see entire Connie series in game!

Author — Red Jay


Gotta say, it's been 7 years for me, and I still just got a few goose bumps there...nice job CIG!

Author — Furrrburger


This place LOOKS AMAZING!!! Breathtaking!!!

Author — Renato iVita.


This definitely makes the Constellation - which is definitely the Ford Taurus Wagon of the universe - seem way cooler than it actually is.

Author — Abbreviated Reviews


You forgot to show someone stepping off the ship when it's landed and randomly dying for no reason at all

Author — Rann VR


Haha, awesome trailer for a hauling ship! xD

Author — Sailears