Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl PV (English Subs)

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Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl PV (English Subs) 5

Creator: wowaka
Editing: yama_ko
Artwork, Structure: akiakane

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keep rolling wowaka, good night sweet prince

Author — SHATCH


You're probably tired too, Wowaka.

Rest now.

Author — Jensi Oquendo


RIP Wowaka. You made everyone’s childhood memorable.

Author — nostxlgia


This song got me through some of the worsts of high school. Thank you, so much, Wowaka.

Author — ArtsyLaVerne


Another sad comment passing through.
I can't believe wowaka is really gone. I grew up VOCALOID and his songs were a big part of my life, they really got me through a lot - this song in particular. So many memories...

I sang Rolling Girl in my native language at a recording studio for a workshop, I listened to Rolling Girl when I was going through extreme periods of depression and suicidal ideation, I vented my feelings of hopelessness in the comment sections of the old subbed video.

It wasn't just this song, but when I heard he passed away, this was the one I came to. That's probably what most people did (it /was/ his most popular song), and this comment is probably going to be lost in the swarm of others like it, but I'm so sad - it's not that this piece of my childhood is /gone/, but it'll certainly never be the same, and it's heartbreaking how short his life was, even though he reached so many people's hearts.

Author — Sailor Nerdfighter


So basically:
Miku is the girl in the music video. The boy in the white sweater is a personification of her depression. "Rolling" is a slang term for self harm. Her peers taunted her and even hurt her physically. The boy said she should rest now because she's tired. Miku said she wants to stop breathing now. The music video cuts off, implying that she committed suicide.

Author — sailor sucks


もう一回 . . .
もう一回 . . .
One more time . . .
One more time . . .

RIP wowaka-chan. Your music will keep rolling even without you here. You are an inspiration and always will be.

Author — Chel Sy


10 year old me: aww he loves her even though everyone bullies her


Author — the Pisciuneri


Wowaka's music changed my life. Every time I was feeling sad or depressed I would listen to Rolling Girl. The first time I heard this song I thought "Wow this is a good song". But after learning the meaning behind it, I now think "Wow, no wonder this is one of the most recognizable vocaloid songs in history". After Rolling Girl I started listening to his other songs like World's End Dancehall, Two Faced Lovers, and Unhappy Refrain and fell in love with His songs instantly. His songs are absolutely incredible with amazing meanings behind them. But today I learned of his passing and as I am writing this I am crying. I will miss him dearly and I'm sure the community will to. May we all ways remember this incredible man and what he did for this community. Rest in peace Wowaka, I'm sure you'll be happy with PowaPowa-P and Samfree up there. Keep on rolling. (Also thank you for taking the time to read all of this.)

Author — Local Trash


Gone too soon. Rolling Girl holds such a special place in so many of our hearts. She will always roll on in your memory wowaka, thank you for everything.

Author — Melodiva



But srsly tho, rip 😭

Author — Life am I right


I used to get mad when this was voted the most popular vocaloid song, simply because I hadn’t seen it and thought that the overcrowding to a song was dumb. But when I watched and listened, I realized that I was very, very wrong. This song deserved that popularity, it deserves every drop of it. This song helped me through the rest of middle school and the beginning of high school, and I have no idea where I’d be without it. Thank you, Wowaka, for this legendary song that shaped the youth of the 2000s, for helping so many people choose to live on like I did, for being the song writer everyone needed in your time. I’m crying as I write this, as I don’t believe it was really your time to depart us, but I’ll be damned if I won’t try to give you one hell of a send off. Thank you for being you, and being memorable. Rest in peace, Wowaka. Keep rolling, at least one more time.

Author — Nicole Sandberg


2:21 "Hey, I said whatever happens is fine"

3:00 - 3:10 Damn the lyric really makes me sad somehow:'(

R.I.P. Wowaka, Your song introduced me to Vocaloid.

Author — Firman Ramadhan


This was my very first Vocaloid song I've ever heard. I loved it but eventually forgot all about it until today. Now seeing that the artist of this masterpiece has passed away truly shows how fragile life can be. I'm sorry to hear of Wowaka's passing and I hope only the happiest of memories for the loved ones. Wowaka's talent will be in the hearts of many, I included.

Author — Crono


after knowing about wowaka's death, this song immediately came to my head. maybe because this song helped me cope with my depression when i was 13. i'll honestly never forget him, after all, his songs introduced me to vocaloid.

we'll never forget you, wowaka.

Author — hiimadere


R.I.P Wowaka. I can’t believe you died so early. The age of 31. We will miss you! 💕💕💕💕

Author — Matryoshka Miku


Its been years since I listened to this, but after the recent passing of Wowaka, I needed to hear it again.
Thanks for everything you've done and rest in peace

Author — Cookie Cream


I'm cosplaying Rolling Girl at Otakon soon, wish me luck. ;)

Author — Tahmina Chan


Why is it the good ones that pass away?

Author — Himari Gacha


came here to mourn the loss of Wowaka. This will forever my favorite song by him, and I miss him deeply.

Author — Bean