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How artists explore identity | Modern Art & Ideas 5

In this short film, see how artists Frida Kahlo, Glenn Ligon, and Andy Warhol investigate and express ideas about identity in their work.

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I left my job in management to pursue my art career. People called me crazy. Hope am not. Hoping I have a bit of talent, and started my youtube channel. Hoping I have support from all of you. Thank you 😊

Author — Nayana Art


Somebody knows whats the name of the song that plays at minute 4:36? I really need to know!!!

Author — Instituto Versalles Oficial


Love this short and sweet video, I am trying to reconnect with portraiture and enjoyed this piece, thanks Moma!

Author — Hargun Khanna


Great tool to explain students and introduce to self-portraits, also to apply the narrative and the life of famous people.
At the end of many ways to see the life of Frida Kahlo, they applied the technique of self- portrait, like Frida just said in the video " I paint my own reality" students drew their own self- portrait.

Author — Maria Tompkins


Will someone please help me find the song that is playing throughout the Frida section? It's killing me

Author — Declan Lewis


Frida Kahlo is great. I love his creation.Modern Art lovers are all over the world. They want painting like Natural Art, Sketch etc with reasonable price. Ryan Van Wagenen is a one of the Top Modern Art seller who create revaluation to Art selling business with competitive price .Though Ryan Van Wagenen sincere effort, he and his company make regularities to Art auction and sell 850 pieces of Art in 2011 that is really remarkable.

Author — Ryan Van Wagenen


Amazing that she was famous for her husbands art but now people know her before her husband

Author — daffodil.ginseng


its interesting but Monroe had a very intimate looking photoshoot with Frida's best friend and a lover, Nick Murray. 2 years later, Frida dies. Some of her drugs were reported missing. I am scared to think that these two women, as unlikely as it sounds, were connected given Monroes reputation. Maybe Monroe wanted to be an artist a bit too much if you understand what I mean. I will always wonder if they didn't cause Frida more suffering by the end of her tragic life.

Author — Kara Gru


Great video, but why would Ligon ask how one would describe him on a missing persons poster and then associate it with slavery. how else would they find him if he was missing? Not his personality...

Author — Aariel Nigam


what an awesome video, some great editing!

Author — Michelle R. Acker


Let me get this straight:

Mr. Ligon asks his friends to describe him. They do so in good faith, honestly describing his characteristics as they see him, just as he requested.

Then, he CHANGES the context and meaning of all of their descriptions, and claims that due to these (altered) descriptions, somehow we've not gotten over the "language of slavery."  It's like putting words into their mouths. Or like a translator mistranslating a phrase and then complaining about what the person said.

I would wager that NOBODY whom he asked to describe him in this project described him in any derogatory way.
I'm sure that none of his friends thought of him or described him in any overtly racist or even racial way.

HE LED THEM into an unavoidable description of him which of course  described his color, or his race, or at least his physical characteristics. 

He was the one who forced slavery or race onto the context of the happening. He created the racial situation and then he cried "Foul!"

Author — Sketchpad Warrior


Ligon...great artist, great man, great potential for being, but limiting himself as the ever-so-trendy victim.  I never comment on videos, but this got to me.

Author — laro802