MLB | 2017 World Series Highlights (LAD vs HOU)

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MLB | 2017 World Series Highlights (LAD vs HOU) 4.5

The 2017 World Series.
Houston Astros (4), Los Angeles Dodgers (3)

Outro Song | KSHMR & Marnik - "Bazaar"

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This World Series made me realize how good the Los Angeles Dodgers really are. They kept fighting back, game after game but fail short. After the cheating scandal

Author — Atrocity999’s Fireworks


I will never look at this world series the same way again

Author — Joseph Stalin


I feel like all joe buck says is BACK AT THE ITS GONE

Author — Jesse James


As a Dodger fan I watched this world series with the thought "We got to score every inning because the Astros hitters are too good and they will score every inning" I had a lowkey fear everytime they were ready to hit! smh... They messed up alot of peoples legacy! especially Kershaw and the pitchers.
One team fighting with everything they got and the other cheating not worrying about it SMFH

Author — P Moala


You can't watch this series the same way with the Astros caught cheating

Author — Alucard400


This series was absolutely exhausting - I've watched 35 World Series and have seen great ones and seen duds, but never anything as draining as this one was. Teams were so evenly matched - a 7-game series where the total runs scored was 34-34.

Author — walterlv01


What a shame for everyone, including Astros fans. The Astros thought that they were bigger than the game and ruined it for everyone. It turns out that we might as well have been watching wrestling.

Author — L D


Who else is here after MLB confirmed the Astros cheated... to think I rooted for Houston over the Dodgers and now I feel sorry for our “rival” but seriously Dodgers fans were cheated out of a ring.

Author — Angels fan


Anyone else think this was the best World Series.
EDIT:One of
Edit Two years later:While it hasnt been comfirmed doing it the playoffs in 2017 this wont be looked as the same anymore sadly

Author — Yellow Flame Gaulent



Literally nobody:

Not a single soul:


Author — Aiden M.


Now that I look at this World Series it makes me more sad man smh this shit hurts my heart

Author — Ass Eater


Kershaw at home this series: 11 IP 1 ER

Kershaw at Houston game 5: 4 2/3 7 ER

People will say “he chokes every post season tho” that doesn’t change the fact that at home they couldn’t touch him and in Houston they were on every pitch and made him look like a HS pitcher. Jansen and morrow were two of the most dominant relievers in baseball at the time and they also got touched up in Houston

Author — Kenneth L


2017 Astros title is about as legitimate as the 1919 Cincinnati Reds title.

Author — bax323


So disappointed I’m just shocked at the fact that the Astors were caught cheating and me seeing the highlights of them playing in Houston it’s just making me think are all of those hits due to them cheating because they knew what was going to be pitched 🤦🏽‍♀️ for shame shame shame shame. Would never see the 2017 World Series the same.

Author — Yailene Martinez


Game 5 was the best game I’ve ever watched and I’m an angels fan, this series was must see tv

Author — Rm16


Love and enjoy watching the World Series games.
But when it's your is it an emotional roller coaster. Lol

Author — Princess Consuela Banana Hammock


With everything that has happened with the Astros, it makes me disappointed.

Author — MrUHOH415


I feel like the Astros really won the series after game 5. They couldn't drop the series after a game like that.

Author — TheLetsPlayBaseballCurse


Hottest world series I've seen in a while!

Author — Edward Highland


even though I’m a dodgers fan, congrats to the astros ! it was an incredible series just glad I got to see my favorite team have an opportunity to play in the World Series for the first time, once again congrats to the astros .

Author — Adam Marquez