Steve Eisman: “They mistook leverage for genius”

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Steve Eisman: “They mistook leverage for genius” 5

Steve Eisman was one of the few who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, and he made his name by foreseeing the collapse of subprime mortgage market.

Michael Lewis portrays him as one of the heroes in the bestselling book The Big Short and Steve Carrell plays an outspoken version of him in the Oscar-winning movie of the same name.

EFN:s Katrine Marçal meets Steve Eisman at Claridges hotel in London.

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I like Pitt, but not for this Role. Steve NAILED it.

Author — TheClimbTo1


Steve Carell has done a great job imitating this guy.

Author — A. F. H


Steve Carrell should have gotten the Oscar nod for this, not Bale

Author — Matthew Naoum


2017 interview? He predicts...
2018 Italy financial crisis
2019 Deutsche Bank under major scrutiny.
2020 probably should listen to him

Author — Rob Diamante


Whoa! Get this lady a financial talk show! Proper questions, non aggressive but precise!

Author — Mo Mentum


I don't know who that interviewer is, but that was one of the best interviews i have ever seen.

Author — paaatreeeck


This is a Swedish business channel. This lady doesn't even speak English as her first language.
CNN etc, you seriously need to pick up your game.

Edit: I'm not sure all that many of the replies below understood my comment at all.

Author — DeepSolstice


This is the guy who said ZERO possibility and took his call and left the conference

Author — Aravindhan Veeramani


Opening: "You're gonna have a bad time."

Author — George Hamilton


Amazing that Steve Carrell nailed this guy perfectly.
Still one of my favourite films

Author — Desmo Higgins


the fact that he compared his view of the crisis to Noah's Ark is interesting since Steve Carrol in Evan Almighty becomes Noah and builds a fuckin Ark LoL!

Author — Fabian Ahmad


"When the Texas ratio gets over 100%, the bank is done."
Texas ratio = (non performing loans / tangible book value + reserves)
Gonna keep that one in my pocket.

Author — Shaquille Oatmeal


This is how you conduct an interview. This lady did a fantastic job.

Author — illiterateno2


The next *big* short? In the US? Student loans -- comparing them to what happened in 2008, student loans are a molehill; but they can do some damage. It's around $1.4 trillion of student loan debt with around 11.2% of them in default. The cost of college is far too high... mostly motivated by a little dynamic where the faculty administration ratio used to be around 20% administration, 80% faculty. These days it's closer to 50% administration to 50% faculty. HIgher education as we know it is at risk. The Universities are in a misguided arms race where they keep trying to out spend and out build their competition. In this way, one could say that Universities have become more and more leveraged over time.

Author — Gilian


A PERFECT example of how to conduct an interview .
No shouting . No loaded, biased questions.
Intelligent questions that have been well thought-out are answered with clear, thoughtful responses.
The lady speaks English so beautifully and she's polite .
While way way way way down the other end of the scale there is imbecile Jim Acosta

Author — Blinky Blonk


7:10 Did he just call the 2018 Italian debt crisis?

Author — nipponese


"Interest rates in America are going up". Heh woops



Congrats for the interviewer, excellent questions !

Author — Gabriel Borges


“Leverage has gone down” yea check in at r/WSB and see the leverage tendies being had

Author — TheRandmonUser


I like this guy even though he’s in finance. Shit, even if he made a buck, at least he

Author — hudsontoo1212