Kanika Kapoor's First Reaction On India Today: Bollywood Singer Denies Fleeing Airport

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Kanika Kapoor's First Reaction On India Today: Bollywood Singer Denies Fleeing Airport 4.5
Bollywood Singer Kanika Kapoor, who allegedly hid her travel history, has denied any wrongdoing from her side. Kanika Kapoor spoke exclusively to India Today from where she is quarantined.

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💬 Comments on the video

Govt should pass an ordinance and make penal provision for such crime.

Author — কট্টর হিন্দু कटृर हिन्दू


Please don't do this she is already suffering a lot mentally and physically . Anchor you should speak politely with him.

Author — Nikhil Sarin


Jhoothi, whole world is crying out and she is busy in herself .

Author — Ravinder Kaur


Every time she is telling I’m educated but she is illiterate

Author — Nanda Bajaj


She is literally Un-Educated... Paisa ke liye Shows attend kiya

Author — Mithun Goswami


She has no guilt feeling. She is only bothered about her PR.

Author — Souptik Ferdinand Gupta


Salute to this reporter. He’s really genuine person.

Author — Amanpreet Kaur


What a responsibility? Please throw her outside. Still she is trying make a complain.

Author — dikludas


only thing i want to say to her is "get well soon"

Author — mary impercies


she is done with there things, Humble Request to everyone please stay safe and stay home

Author — Rajesh Tank


Without helping her saying how u came out

Author — Nawab Zaidu


Kanika: why u r threatening Me, Why hv u kept me Inside???
Doctor: Its My Choice ??
Neha Dhupia : 🤪🤪🤪

Author — Bishu


If u r educated accept, regret
Why unnecessary argument
She met hundreds of people
Inspite of all annoucements

Author — Cyrus Jyothi


Insted appoligise she defending herself!!! Govt should launch a against her

Author — Rahul Barman


When she return from u.k and she had to do quarantine

Author — Divya semwal


Her own father says she attended 3 parties but she denies that too so she is saying her own father is a liar, she is so shameless, she has put everyone selfishly at risk

Author — Pratik Jadhav


I understand she made a mistake.. But it's wrong to target her when she is dealing with such massive disease! The airport authorities should have told her !

Author — Nikha Mehrotra Mehrotra


To hide her one mistake, she is lieing 100 more times. She thinks if she lie we will believe her, but sheis making fool of her.

Author — vivek sharma


She should have stayed in quarantine after she returned from London .. why she went out to party 🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — Yepthomi Kiba


See how she even not ready to believe on the talks of her own father at 6:07 and just try to keep herself safe from misshapen. Is it not serious? Why she didn't agree on her mistakes

Author — Ashish Army Man