Setting Up SkyX

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

This is a simple video of the steps I go through to set up The Sky X software

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How good is the eclipse mapping portion of the program, Dean?

Author — Larry


Thank you very much. Really useful Greetings from Spain

Author — Carles Torrecilla


What telescope do you use with this software?

Author — OnlyinSpace


Good morning

I am new to SkyX - I have a Skywatcher EQ6-R mount - whenever I try to connect my mount - it gives me Error=201 - I am connecting vis USB - tried the direct mount connection via USB and via mount's HC - via USB - can anyone please give me a pointer rte: what to do here?

Thank you

Author — Hasan Askari


Wouldn't not adding the daylight saving option if you have daylight saving throw out the program since it's referencing the local computer time which does change by 1 hour automatically when daylight savings kicks in?

Author — Dylan O'Donnell


gods i wish someone would do this vid on the newest sky x version

Author — sketch6995