It’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting.

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It’s not you. Phones are designed to be addicting. 5

The 3 design elements that make smartphones so hard to put down, explained by Google’s former design ethicist.

Batch notification research by the Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University & Synapse Inc

Today’s phones are hard to put down. Push notifications buzz in your pocket, red bubbles demand attention, and endless distractions sit at your fingertips. It can feel impossible to pull away from. But that’s kind of the point. When people talk about the “attention economy,” they’re referring to the fact that your time and attention are the currency on which today’s applications make money. Because apps profit off of the total time you spend on their platform, there’s a strong incentive to use psychological tricks to keep you endlessly hooked. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Tristan Harris, who runs Time Well Spent, is working to create a world where platforms can more honestly respect their users’ time.

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Now they give us dark mode so we can use it when we’re about to sleep

Author — Wahyu Guntara


the slot machine and pull to refresh analogy blew my mind

Author — harajuku


Me: "Nice tips, I will put them to use now."
Also me: scrolls down neverending youtube comments

Author — YoshiPeach Mario


*You should stop scrolling here*

This comment section is a BOTTOMLESS VORTEX OF STUFF

Author — Supreme Sector


It’s not you. Vox made this title addicting

Author — TTTechnoPro


Nintendo always' tells me to take a break 😉

Author — cocoajinni


I just realized that YouTube has infinite scroll.... I'm in trouble.

Author — Kara Faulkner


I have avg 12minute screen time per day on my phone...

cause im on my laptop 15h a day

Author — Parham Es


Vox: Phones are meant to be addicting.

Also Vox: *uploads a 6 minute video for a bunch of high schoolers to watch before they go to sleep when they have school tomorrow*

Author — Expirations


I downloaded tik tok as a joke, but now I'm addicted to it. Help me.

Author — Gym's Server


1:13 Vox: “Turn off all notifications”

Me: ok *unsubscribes*

Author — Luke Saad


You kept on scrolling didn't you? Welcome to the bottomless vortex of stuff ;)

Author — mindsauce


Haha jokes on you.

*I'm using a tablet*

Author — ggmxz


Me pointing at my phone after watching this video:
Me: You!
Phone: No you.
Me: But this video---
Phone: Trust me, just ignore it and find another video.
Me: Ok.

Author — Ngọc Lê Viết


greyscale advice smsjshsh i need color for the aesthetic

Author — Jini Moon-Kwon


Stop making your videos so good then I won't go on my phone 😤

Author — hadiyyah j


The fact that people don’t realize that it’s happening is sad

Author — Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin


The irony being that I'm watching this at 03:17am.
Hehe nice

Author — Naveena Pius


the fact i got bored with this video and started doing smth else on my phone

Author — Anne Veenhoven


"Many apps have infinite scrolling."
Yes but not reddit.

Author — PatheticTV