🇫🇮 Lie - Oskr Reaction: UMK 2021 Finland 🇫🇮

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Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu has begun and the first song to be released is Lie by Oskr!
What do you think of the song!?
Let me know in the comments!

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I love your enthusiasm, energy and positive approach, Jude . We need people like you these time. Lets look forward for a new year of ESC! What I think about the song? Well, i can only agree wtih you Jude. This is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ song for me. Totally unexpected. It sounds 2021! Its honest and touching. What a voice! What a song! What a performance! Do we need to hear the rest? I am totally sold! Thanks. With this we can make top 5 in the ESC.

Author — David Lindstrom


I'm from finland and I really think this is the best one we are gonna get this year but we'll see. Tbh I am almost embarrassed because of our song last year... It was really nice to listen to your comments :)

Author — Tuulia


This is ubdoubtly my favorite song so far in all elections.

Author — Thlimpq


I like this song as well as I love you. Typical of me liking two completely different sounding songs and in my opinion either can go to Eurovision to represent Finland.

Author — Laura -


Lie is an amazing start to UMK this year! Lets hope the rest of the songs are as good.
I cant wait for Ilta’s to be released

Author — ESC Rolly


Omg it was surprisingly good 😍 I really liked it!

Author — d tb


Amazing video! 🙌
This song is so heart breaking but so beautiful! His voice is so amazing and I can't wait to hear the live version what he can do with his voice! I think this is one of our strongest ballads we've ever had in UMK! Even tho we haven't heard the other songs, I have a feeling this will hit Finnish people really hard like it hit me.

Author — Joni Karvinen


OMG YOU'RE A SEBI STAN! I love that song too BOIIII!

Author — Sis


Hmmm it’s a nice song tbh such a sweeet reaction ☺️

Author — Arthur Rule


I think it's best song so far. I'm excited about the rest 🇫🇮😁

Author — nullen buffeh


I am from Finland and it was nice to hear your comments. I think we have better songs than ever in our national final. You are cute boy ❤️

Author — R M


No thx need something fun like ...i love you!!!

Author — zoiciteUK


It's a good song but it has nothing special imo. But it's not a bad song and i really like his voice. I hope that they have better songs 🤞

Author — Russell __


not my cup of thea love you is better than this

Author — Mark Dekker


Aksel song and voice are miles better than this.
This song is forgettable and boring and his voice sounds robotic and autotuned. I don't think he can sing at all.

Author — TheStone