5 Most Awkward Blind Girl Moments...

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5 Most Awkward Blind Girl Moments... 5

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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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Share one of your awkward moments below!!

Author — Molly Burke


Don’t feel too embarrassed...sighted people get into the wrong car ALL the time. I’ve done it before 😆

Author — Jemma G


Embarrassing story of mine: So this one time me and my husband were at Family Dollar to grab a few things, turns out I was a little short on change and the woman behind me goes "How short are you?" and my doofus brain didn't register the question, I told her my height and she laughed and said "No I meant your change!" LMAO I was like OMG...XD

Author — RedRoseSeptember22


"Petting a stranger's leg instead of petting my guide dog." I'm dying! LMAO!

Author — Devin Lupei


“I like to think he needed that humans contact....”
Molly Burke on grabbing a man’s butt 😂

Author — Candy Gross


I had a friendly conversation with a man in an elevator, only to have him give me a nasty look and point to his earpiece he'd been speaking to the entire time.

Author — D J


Molly, dont worry. Mascara under the eyes is a sighted girl problem too

Author — Da Bananananana


Employee: “There’s a spo..”
Molly: *grabs ice cream with her bare hand* 😂😂 I love that story 💕✨ I would totally like to hear the not so funny blind girl moments

Author — Fernanda Ruiz


“therefore never really get embarrassed”

can’t relate

Author — Katy Brunner


Lol I love how we can hear gallop snoring. When he first started I was like “what is that sound?” And then I realized it was our best guy just havin’ a nap

Author — Julia S


I used to play "Guesd who it is?" with my friends when I was a teenager; basically we'd sneak up behind and cover the person's eyes and put on funny voices until they guessed who we were.
So I saw who I thought was my friend and I sneaked up and covered her eyes and was like "guess who?" in the most high pitched voice I could make. She turns around and I see that this poor forty something year old woman was definitely not my teen friend, she just happened to have the same hair color, and she definitely didn't know who I was.
Luckily she just laughed it off while I turned red from the embarrassment.

Author — Brianda Aranda


When first meeting my boyfriends dad..I've ACCIDENTALLY KISSED HIM! He was doing this french thing, kiss on both cheeks, and I turned the wrong way and the disaster happened.

Author — V e g a n M y s t i c


"Only a blind girl would do that!"
Lol, yeah, I can see and got into a stranger's car once when I ran into the grocery store while my friend stayed in the car.

Author — Jess_Marie_G


I cried when I picture in my mind that poor kid with the bunny hat calling Mom... 😂

I usually don't have embarrassing moments because I usually laugh a lot when I do awkward things. But... I remember that one time (I'm sighted). I was with my family at a farmers market and I grabbed my granny and put my arm all across her back and continue walking looking around at the food and talking to her without looking at her, like, for at least 20 second and when I looked at her... I saw this woman looking back at me trying not to laugh and I screamed and jumped away so she started laughing so hard... She told me that she understood the situation but she wanted to see how long could I stay with her... It was very funny!

Author — SweetSallyRadio


have you ever done something and said
“ sorry, im blind “
and the person thinks you are being sarcastic ...

( because sometimes when something is right infront of me or i don’t watch where im going i jokingly say im blind )

Author — Royal Pixie


" I like to think he needed that human contact" 😂

Author — LovedHappy


I was at Victoria secret and I decided to get my chest measured for the first time and the girl says "push up" and I pushed my boobs up.. turns out she was asking me if I was wearing a push up bra 😂😅😭

Author — KellySooLovely


The most awkward moments


When your at your friends house and they got in trouble and their parents are yelling them and you just awkwardly sit quietly watching😂😂😂

Author — Christina Bylsma


Me: " How does Molly know when she's pulled up to the speaker when she goes through the drive thru? ... Oh wait, nevermind."🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — Brooklyne Hurley


I had an older car and its common knowledge that the keys fit a lot of other door locks and/or ignition. One day at the shops open my car, get in, try to start and the key wouldnt turn in the ignition. So im wiggling the steering wheel, flipping the key over then this bloke runs up, rips open the drivers door like what the F#CK you think youre doing mate?" and startled me was like, "oh just having trouble starting my car". Hes like this is MY car, I looked around and realised my car was in the row back and we had almost identical cars.
I explained and apologised profusely and thankfully the guy had a sense of humour about it, because moments earlier he literally thought I was trying to nick off with his car.
Imagine if the ignition turned on and I just drove off lmao.

Author — Jade