Designing polo shirts since 1933 | Lacoste

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Invented by René Lacoste for more freedom of movement on the tennis courts, the polo shirt in petit piqué is an essential item in the worlds of sport and fashion. The result of unique French savoir-faire, its inimitable style, symbolized by the celebrated crocodile, imbues each season with timeless elegance. An elegance expressed by the new crocodile, Novak Djokovic.

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Best polos out there written while wearing a RL polo...

Author — Superpopem


I bought my first Polo Lacoste yesterday. This could be a story with no end.

Author — Gustavo Palavichini Torres


Lacoste polo is really classic.every one should have one.

Author — 唐赞恩zanetang


Nice subliminal shot on 0:56 min ahaha

Author — André Belarmino