The Wolf and The Man - Grimm Fairy Tale Classics - (Exploring the Grimm Fairy Tales)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Today we take another look a Grimm fairy tale, the Wolf and the Man a story that warns against boastful behaviour and overreaching.
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💬 Comments

I can't believe I've never heard this story before. I can't wait to tell it to my nieces and nephew, thanks!

Author — anime c-dramas kpop


What I like most about this tale is the interpretation of what had happened from the wolfs perspective. The man blowing into a stick and pulling out a rib. This shows a 3rd lesson about story telling from first time experiences describing actions and tools that you have never seen or handled before. It reminds me of a joke from the cowboy comedian Jeff Foxworthy about a fish explaining being caught by a fishermen to his friend as if it was an out of body experience. "So there I was, Swimming around. All of the sudden I was being drawn towards this bright light. There was God wearing a flannel shirt and a Budweiser hat. All my dead relatives all around. And God spoke to me saying 'It's not your time yet, go back' ". It kind of puts the narrative of our "mythological" stories into perspective. Our ancestors experiencing things they did not fully understand and describing them the best they can while creating all of these fantastic creatures that today no one knows how anyone could have ever believed in things like that. Thank you for sharing this story.

Author — Daniel Raiber


Classic Germanic Tale formula; knowledge, followed by lack of knowledge, followed by a lesson from not learning that knowledge.

I always enjoy the way these types of fairy tales address the recipient while still keeping them removed from the story.

Author — Sir James


These Grimm stories always fascinated me. Thanks, man!

Author — raul pacheco


Your voice is better as the story Teller. The story is wonderful and good meaning to it.

Author — Majestic Gothitelle


🤔 I never heard this story before. Very interesting.

Author — sarahgirlisit Kelly


This is my favorite series of yours. It's like creepy fairy tale asmr. I like how your accent flows real natural when you narrate these too.

Author — Rhiannon Oliver


this is officially my favorite grimm tale. thank you for telling a rarely heard story

Author — Lordred God


Wolf: What is a man?
Fox: A miserable little pile of secrets

Author — Discount Ostrich


I’ve never heard of this story before, interesting.

Author — Grey World


Can you do the tale of the fox who tricked a man to eat his wife it’s a very good story

Author — Donuttheturtle 2.0


I ❤️ this story. I wish you could read more of these not well known ones.

Author — Anonymous Person


Wow, I had completely forgotten this fairy tale! I only read it once, when I was about 8 years old, and I've never heard it mentioned anywhere since then... Thank you for bringing a long forgotten memory back to me! :)

Author — QUWYKXZ


Interesting, I've never heard of this fairy tale before.
I think I understand the morals of this story, but I can't help but feel sorry for the wolf, I can't stand the thought of an animal getting hurt. LOL

Author — Blue Feathered Cub


y'know I've always wondered why in so many of these old fairytales the wolf is the final boss?
the 3 little pigs,
little red riding hood,
the 7 little goats,
always with the wolf as the main antagonist. mebbe you can tackle that in a future video. if you want. no rush on my part.

Author — Gilberto Tabares


Thanks I've heard a different version years. Thanks for the tell.

you could also add be cautious of knowledge you can receive from someone else because they might trick you into something like the fox technically did.

Author — angel of chaos death


Love chillin and just listening to your vids, always good.👊✌

Author — Hulk Smash


Please do on the goodness Lilith! There is so much different lore!

Author — dreamcatcher75418


And the wolf said, "What's a hatchet?"
Because he had already clearly shown that he didn't understand human tools.

Author — Jexxer


You should do more of the Brothers Grimm. Lots of good stories

Author — sam faber