Raw video: Flooding from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

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Raw video: Flooding from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti 4.5
Hurricane Matthew lashed Haiti's southwestern coast Tuesday with raging winds, driving rain and storm surge that threatened to devastate the Caribbean nation's towns and villages.

The hurricane has killed at least nine people over the past few days as it roared across the Caribbean, the Associated Press reported. This included four in the Dominican Republic, three in Haiti, one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and one in Colombia.

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As a person named Matthew, I must say that's kinda weird to see such a destructive force with my name on it.

Author — TwoKool115


Back in 2010 "The Clinton Foundation" took-up 6 Billion dollars for the relief Fund for Haiti when they had that devastating Earthquake, they NEVER got any of that money, the Clinton's kept it all I cannot belief she has the nerve to run for President.

Author — guitarhaus


Keep everyone in prayer...My God protect and comfort.

Author — Michael Tillman


I'm in Miami, Florida and It'll hit, first hurricane. Any tips?

Author — Adrianna Guilfoyle


I live in a beachside in Florida off the barrier isl. and their is a mandatory evacuation

Author — Nope


All you need is an inner tube and it is an instant lazy river!

Author — CB Radio Industries


i am soo sure every single person in florida is gonna survive hurricane Mathew

Author — RebecaAriana™


damn I live on the west coast of Florida almost close to the middle.... SEND A PRAYER FOR ME

Author — no, u


Trust me that filled almost the house of mine

Author — im jj


Hurricane Matthew Made in USA. This one Whether manipulation are missed 🙈

Author — New Prometheus


I live in North Carolina I'm gonna get got hurricane Mathew .

Author — mik mil


I feel so bad because that and a earthquake in only 6 years

Author — Sports Fanatic


Florida is the next state of target for Matthew. Please pray for my family and I that live in florida :(

Author — Tonald


Wait for the Clintons to show up to funnel some more money out of their demise.

Author — V


i live in Florida the hurricane coming tomorrow for me wish me luck!

Author — Pussysucker 96


guys I live in vero beach lol and I am getting hit by hurricnne Mathew lol

Author — Andrea Amato


guys staya safe next is florida im out of florida cause of the hurricane

Author — Katherine imelis


Hope the hurricane doesn't destroy my house. They had already evacuated my state and closed all the roads.

Author — Paola Arellano


You Hatians gotta STOP HAVING BABIES for a few YEARS. YOU CANT SUSTAIN LIFE forever ON THAT MESS THAT YOU LIVE ON and have been, plus, you DONT HAVE THE RESOURCES. SO TAKE A FRICKEN BREAK! You aren't America's responsibility.

Author — MoMos Dead


I still wondering why people believe in god...

Author — Worthless Insecure Depressed Ugly Hopeless Broken