Excel: Intro to PivotTables

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

This video includes information on:
• Using PivotTables to answer questions
• Creating PivotTables
• Adding columns
• Changing rows and columns

We hope you enjoy!

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Thank you so much for this clear, concise, and visually appealing tutorial. The presenter's tone, pace, and enunciation is excellent. I look forward to learning more with GCFLearnFree.

Author — M. Liko Puha


Thanks for this brief explanation about pivot table 😊 Its actually gave me an idea about pivot table cos it is actually necessary for me since its relevant in my field of work. Thank you 😚

Author — Margie Dazo


Concise and excellent speaking voice. Very clear information. Thank you.

Author — Connie Sky


Great tutorial indeed! Well explanatory! Keep it up! :D

Author — Jimmy Lim Da Hong


Thanks for your kind response. god bless you sir, please tell me about, how to expand the size of the youtube video on website while embedding.and which screen recorder is best for video screen recording

Author — learning center


Hello GCF. Why is it not easier to do by subtotal tool?

Author — Evgeniy Denisyuk


Thank you for the great information you have supplied for us.

Author — Lisa Oliphant


why there is thumbs-down ? probably they don't understand excel at all.

Author — Sean Khan


Briliant!! Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you!

Author — 123conscious meditation