When Boxing Gets Personal Part 2

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When Boxing Gets Personal Part 2 4.5
This is part 2 to my When Boxing Gets Personal Series that I am remastering from Part 1 to 7 . This has been , refinished with better visuals , audio and more context of every situation.

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The left hook from that trainer was a thing of beauty.

Author — The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord


The mike intro with the music is the wild

Author — MANSTRE


"Sit down Joe, sit down Joe, sit down" hahaha

Author — theboxingchannel2


"Forget personal squabbles, forget the media, just get in there and show the world what you're made of whether you win or lose" - Rocky Mariciano



If Mayorga spoke english he would’ve been the best trash talker in the fight game and made more millions. El matador still a savage though pimp slapping dudes in face offs 😂

Author — Tristan Daniel


“The fook is wrong with you?”
Lmfaoo 😂🤣😂 based af

Author — Its Always Sunny In Portland Oregon


6:04 they wrong fa really puttin “fook “ 😭

Author — Tyyy Yy


Did anybody noticed at 3:31 they still don't show Al Haymons face lol.. he's like the neighbor on the show Home Improvement 😂😂

Author — Zenas Mclucas


My god!!! That Australian dude was hitting other dude hard as hell. Those were KO punches

Author — Anthony D


Lol, love how even when Mayweather is talking to Uncle Al, we still don’t see him in the Video. When someone get Uncle Al in a interview, I’m predicting 1 Billion Views.

Author — Toussaint L'ouverture


You shouldn’t talk anymore unless you wanna.... you know 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Wise Noble


The last time I was this early my dad actually came back from buying

Just kidding my dad was never in my life.

Author — Thydeepestfear


Can you do when boxing become Positively personal?
Like how Ward and Gatti went through war but later on Ward even became Gatti's trainer.
Like how Evander and Bowe decades latter ended up being neighbors in a Florida neighbor hood.

Author — Odracir Zeravla


I love the whole Zab Judah thing, I love how they suspended him for six months, like a fighter that big is going to fight again in six months... What an arbitrary, nonsense suspension

Author — Guy Williams


6:15 that man sounds like blue face 😂😂

Author — ching yamom


" Are u talking out of turn" That Damn Iron Mike A Fool !😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Devon Duke


No boxer in boxing history is wilder then Mike tyson you just never knew when he was going to snap 😂😂😂😂

Author — Reshod Williams


This is part 2 to my When Boxing Gets Personal Series that I am remastering from Part 1 to 7.This has been, refinished with better visuals, audio and more context of every situation.
Tracks used:
Silently Storming
Memory Rain
Where To
Mix It Up
The Shepherd
Fresh Healthy Perspectives

Author — OfficeHanchoBoxing


"Leg kick to the groin"

If you're gonna take lines from people, it probably shouldn't be Mike Goldberg!

Author — Glacial Self


Aahh, that time when side pieces had more value. Never forgotten, still hoes.

Author — Eric Lee