Pixies - Where Is My Mind

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Pixies - Where Is My Mind 5

movie: Trainspotting - 1996

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I love this song. It taught me I can do heroin and swim

Author — Diddle


“Only when you’ve lost everything....
....you’re free to do anything.”

- Tyler Durden "
- Michael Scott

Author — moto hellogoto


This song makes me feel like, anxious and calm at the same time
Can't explain it

Author — AdzBrandMusic


This was me before I joined the Jedi Order, smoking death sticks

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


Ah yes, my favorite music genre: depression

Author — Analyoba


Are we not gonna acknowledge the fact that not only is this a great song, it features a completely cooked Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Author — Alexander Carlson Lee


Issac just died yesterday due to an overdose. Ive been going to school with him since 6th grade...its hitting hard for a lot of people. This was his favorite song and everyone he knew from school is lighting a candle wherever they are..this shit isnt fair.

Author — ya mama


This song reminds me of every thing I’ve done wrong in my life

Author — Gabriel Savin


Obi-wan really shouldn't have accepted those Death Sticks

Author — The church of Dale


My cat died yesterday, I knew her for 13 years.
I am dead inside

Author — Рафаэль


A friend just ODed and died yesterday. This song has always been a great one. But I feel like I understand more now...on so many different levels. Anyone struggling with addiction...you are not a bad person. You are not only an addiction. You are loved more than you will ever know. You will fight the devil..and win.

Author — Dani Gia


This is the kinda song you listen to when you watch the whole world crumble in front of your eyes

Author — Jonty Donald


this song gave me a head rush and goosebumps so long without hearing it

Author — salvador trujillo-marquez


The funny kid when he gets home from school:

Author — Nick Thomson


"Мы встретились в странный период моей жизни".

Author — Incognito Mode


Rule number one: we don't talk about the thing ok??

Author — SHIFTER_9


I had a crush on this boy back in college. We talked sometimes online, but never really spoke to each other in person. It was hard to make conversation in school because we both had different friend groups, and I was just too nervous to talk to him. One night though, I went out drinking with friends and he was there with his. A few beers in, and my heart pounding out my chest, he sits next to me. We start off a bit awkward, but then he asks me if I knew this song. I told him it was my favorite. He gives me the most amazing smile, and that was it for me.

We ended up talking all night, and eventually telling each other we liked each other (yes, I was so shocked knowing he liked me back), and then by morning, we kissed.

That was more than three years ago, and we've been together since. In fact, as unorthodox as it is, we've already decided to make Where Is My Mind? our wedding song. Wish us luck. ✨

Author — Tara Diy


Can you believe this is an 80s song? The Pixies were years ahead of their time.

Author — Chris J


I discovered this band at a very strange moment in my life.

Author — P0ulp1


mum: what are you watching

me: jedi business, go back to your drinks

Author — First Name Last Name