Duo Laegjarn Beats EDELGARD??? — Aether Raids November 25 [FEH]

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It might have worked if Rhea moved a square down, then Freyja would repo eir to the left, cain swaps spaces with her, then she would be 2 spaces away from the fountain.

Great content as always!

Author — Informaldehyde


RIP pot: the true challenge of AR. At least Yune gets to snap; the things she kills are truly wild. Duo Laegjarn's a fun bonus that I have as backup damage on my galeforce teams this week. I mostly picked her up so I could fodder future copies obtained in the double special rerun, so I'm one of the few who wouldn't be mad at a third ninja duo winning/making it into AHR haha. Hopefully the rest of your matches go smoothly

Author — Rebecca Orlowe


You could have swapped Eir using Rhea and then repositioned her upward using Freyja. She could move diagonally up left to grab the pot before killing Medeus.

Author — Chuck Zuzak


I think the word you were looking for is "sleep deprived"

Author — absoul112