Reality of NRC and NPR | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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Reality of NRC and NPR | Explained by Dhruv Rathee 4.5

Based on the various interviews and speeches given by our prime minister Modi and home minister Amit Shah, in this video, I try to find out how a Nationwide NRC will look like. I also explain what is NPR - the national population register and what is it's link to the national register for citizens. A few relevant links to the sources used in this video are given here -

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1:52 Truth vs Lies of NRC
3:57 Reality of Detention Centres 
6:36 Who will be impacted by NRC? (Opinion)
9:06 What is NPR?
10:01 Relation of NPR with NRC

Author — Dhruv Rathee


जिनके पास NRC से संबंधित पेपर्स नहीं हैं वो बैंकों से “भारी भरकम” लोन ले लें,

फिर बैंक साबित करेगा कि आप भारतीय है। 😀

Author — Chaudhary Saab


An uneducated man can't see gdp growth rate or unemployment he sees mandir

Author — Deepa Keshwani


If you take an Interview with Modi definitely *Nayak 2* film banega 😂

Author — The Undefeated Streak


Modi ko hatao kejriwal ko laao
Warna yeh desh ko luut khayega

Author — Ashish Rawat


5:46 I literally cried for that old man .

Author — hello brother


गोबर एक ऐसा पदार्थ है जो,
खेत में पड़े तो खाद
चूल्हे में पड़े तो ईंधन
दिमाग में पड़े तो BJP बना देता है

Author — Guru Sultan


My daughter immediately teared up after listening to the old man whose legs were swollen, it's really sad....

Author — Shehnaz Mulla


When you say pm is lie
Then i like you



Hey Dhruv, thanks a lot brother for informing us about the truth related to this I was having only limited knowledge about this issue so I thought that it would be good for our country, but after listening to this video my views have been off to you brother, you are following a duty of responsible citizen as well as of a responsible journalist in which our so called media persons have failed....God bless you brother

Author — Anurag Dev


3:48 He don't even know the name of bill😂😂🤣

Author — Gâxi álì


घर की चौकीदार के लिए मैने एक चौकीदार रखा था ।
अब चौकीदार ही कह रहा हैं कि तुम साबित करो की तुम घर का मालिक हो ।😊😊

Author — Ghanashyam kunwar


feel sorry that always criticized your thinking but today m feeling that you are right. and will see all ur videoes today. thank u.

Author — GAGANDEEP attri


Brave Analyst of India! Stay Blessed ♥️

Author — Dr. Saqib


बच के रहना भाई कहीं आपको भी देशद्रोह ना बता दे यह मोदी के भक्तों साल असली भक्त बनना है तो देश का बनो

Author — Amit singh rajput


Well done Dhruv we support you continue doing this work.

Author — yash shetye


aadhar is a scam itself
there were already enough documents to prove one's citizenship in our country like pan card, driving license, voter id card etc.

Author — Kamakshi Rajput


Thks bhai, mujhe lagta hai yee batee pure bharat ko patachalne chaheye, .
Ju aap kar rahe hai voh kabele taref hai

Author — Rahul Mishra


Dhruv you r open the eyes of country men's keep the work going god bless you...tq..

Author — Mahendar Mishra


*BJP* is not *INDIA*
*You Can Love Your Country*
*Without Love Your Government*

Author — BY Mr.SHEIKH