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Match the Dating Profile to the Person | Lineup | Cut 5

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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About Cut:
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Match the Dating Profile to the Person | Lineup | Cut

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💬 Comments on the video

“which one are you?”
“it’s ya boi”

Author — plastic.barbiez


I’m here because of the dating coach, she’s really good with words and doesn’t hurt or offend anyone. It’s a skill I wish I have!

Author — H. Lan


“Can I get a Corona?”

Top Ten sentences that aged like milk

Author — Burnt Pizza Comics Official


"Hey, can I get CORONA"
"Hey, let me get that for her"

Today corona is free world wide, no one wants it.

Author — DRay xx


Who else was judging the guys based on the silhouettes 🤣

Author — Read-to-hell


I love how the Dating Coach keeps complimenting these guys to boost their confidence. She knows what's up.

Author — Ben Bamboozle


I knew who it’s ya boy was immediately by the way he reacted in the background 💀💀😭

Author — Plutoo World


The fact that I’m watching this in March 2020 and she said “let me get a corona”- I ABSOLUTELY DIED

Author — Ariel Sparkz


am i the only one staring at the dating coaches rip on the armpit

Author — grace noble


10:25 bro wtf was that weird ass touch flirt lmao, that was so akward

Author — Jenor Metro


Guy: demisexual
Girl: nobody does that anymore
Me: 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Author — Zubeda Fanny


The dating coach and the girl with the ripped jeans are gorgeous holy shit

Author — Aliana R.D.


"Can I get a corona?"

*me sighs in quarantine*

Author — Elle Rodriguez


This is brutal lmfao.
"Do you love your mom?"
"That's why"

Author — Ben Schauer


They were so mean to the “clean up nice” dude :(

Author — Maira Shai


"Demisexual.... Tell ma about thaaat" "Yeah so... Basically it just means that my attraction to people is based on inellectual and emotional connection." "That's freaking cool! Nobody does that anymore!" Yeah.... But.... That's nothing u That's.... It's just how it is and you don't control that

Author — Emma Hiemstra


I was expecting the dating coach to get all the profiles right just like in the other video

Author — Reggie Nicole


"I work for the government"

Honestly, who doesn't?

Author — Sky's Universe


"my bio was kinda funny, right?" "NO" "alright, imma jump out a window." lmaooo

Author — Kaiya Jones


ok but is anyone gonna talk ab the wholesome guy in the back who was smiling basically the whole time??? my heart.🥺

Author — Brooke Kaley