20K Miles In A C63 AMG | Is It Worth Keeping? (Long Term Owner Review)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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The Day I Took Delivery Of My 2018 Mercedes AMG C63s:


Main Camera: Sony AX53 Handycam (4K)

Back up camera: Sony AX33 Handycam (4K)

External Mic: (With wind protector) for Sony AX33/53

Canon GX7: (2nd Vlogging camera)


GoPro Hero7 Black: (4K 60fps)

GoPro Hero5 Session: (4K 30fps) (Smaller size, good for POV videos)

GoPro Hero5: (4K 30fps)




MacBook Pro I7 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD


Final Cut Pro X:



Suction Cups: (For GoPro’s, the one you get through GoPro sucks)

Car Washing Products I Use:

Ultra Foam Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo

Foam Cannon

Sidekick Blaster

Wash Pad

Drying Towel

Tire Shine

Master Blaster

Ryobi Pressure Washer:

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💬 Comments

You've done a great job modding this AMG Mike, it looks phenomenal!

Author — PcarFan16


Nice video! I have C63S as well and test drove normal C63 before I purchased mine. Difference to me personally is massive, I might feel it because my driving style is very aggressive and with racing background I push the car a lot but definitely better package than the normal C63. Steering could be a lot tighter and precise but luckily that has been fixed in the new AMGs. Performance exhaust absolutely needed. By going one level up wit the tires from 4S the 0-60 time will increase by 0, 1-0, 3 seconds.

Author — TechBlogSuomi


You deserve everything you got and more mike, your an amazing youtuber/family guy, and a very humble man, screw the haters and what they say about the giveaway for the car, keep it up bro

Author — seemore butts


It's the best around car imo it's a combination of being just about exotic enough with the sound and relative speed yet comparably affordable plus actually practical - you even get a bit of Stealth under the radar too

Complete package as you say

Author — sugarsaint


Keep it till it can’t drive anymore. It’s an amazing car and it’s your dream car. Keep it as long as possible!💪

Author — Djentyman


I love your channel and I remember the excitement when you finally went to pickup this vehicle. I personally think you should keep the vehicle. Like somebody said already, have a six car garage and fill them with some of your dream vehicles. I think it's sad that technology has allowed everything to change so quickly that we don't have a true love for 'our dream' anything anymore. I love this vehicle and I developed more love for it after watching your channel. Hope you keep Sir!!

Author — Fan Joy


Awesome review video, and an amazing car too! This has to be one of the better, if not best, owner review videos I have seen. I'm a huge fan of the C63s coupe. They look gorgeous murdered out like yours, and you're absolutely right about that sound! I hope to have the opportunity to own, or at least drive, one someday.

Author — DriveMX-5


I loved this car so much. To the point I almost hated watching your videos because I wanted it so bad. I personally prefer it over the F-12, at least as far as appearance and practicality goes but my mind might be easily changed if I drove both of them.

Author — Mc Earl


So sad to see the C63 is about to leave us, really love all the vids of this beast so far! Hope something way much better is coming to replace this monster.😊

Author — Hilmy Djunaedi


Technically the wheel setup is still staggered because of the different widths of tire from front to back. Staggered wheel size almost never relates to the diameter of the wheel on a car.

Author — Beau


You and your team make gorgeous and creative mods. I like when you changed out the steering wheels that light up🚨🚨

Author — How to Beauty Lauren "The" Beauty Influencer


Congratulations Mike, your channel has grown a lot. I hadn't realised it's been almost 2 years since you got the car !

Author — Ilias G1


This ride is sweet. Great job on the video. Sorry you had to get rid of it. I hope the next person really appreciate the work you did on it.

Author — Marcus Simmons


this is one of my most favorite videos that you have posted to date! keep up the good work Mike and bring that Ferrari home!!!

Author — Phiny Puscas


🚙🚘👍🏽🙏🏻Mike another awesome video!! I have enjoyed watching this C63 AMG and the previous C63 too since you bought them!! These last few years watching your channel have made my days brighter and I always look forward to each new upload!! !! I am stoked to see what car you get next!! Keep up the amazing content Mike!! Have an awesome week and God bless ya brother!! 🚙🚘

Author — Shaun Christensen


Okay well, I’m now hooked on this car. I just purchased my 2016 C 63 AMG! Your videos have really motivated me. I would love to do some of the same mods you’ve done to yours. I agree, the sound of this car is what sold me. I may have to reach out to you for ideas! Thanks for what you do!

Author — Randall Bracewell


It’s gonna be more reliable then many super cars out there

Author — duane howard


Great looking car in my opinion. I wonder is it possible to change look of the regular c coupe like this one you have here?

Author — hakan akdag


Thank you for a normal review unlike the ones that seem more robotic. This is the first time I've stayed watching a review. Keep up the good work, and finally Let me tell you it felt like I was driving the car. God bless!

Author — Hector Martinez


sounds the best out of almost any car ever. such a unique sound. the looks just complete it all.

Author — Illegal Record Co.