Carl Nielsen - Saul and David (1986) with English subtitles

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with custom English subtitles

The Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen

Conductor: Sixten Ehrling

Saul: Leif Roar
David: Kjell Magnus Sandve
Mikal: Eva Johansson
Jonathan: Stig Fogh Andersen
Samuel: Jorgen Klint
Abner: Christian Christiansen
Fortune-teller in Endor: Minna Nyhus
Abisay: Elsebeth Lund
a guard: Anders Jakobsson
a girl: Antje Jansen


The video comes from a murky, badly encoded grey market DVD that is itself sourced from a VHS recording of a Danish television broadcast that contained hardcoded Danish subs.

I carefully timed and positioned the English subs to cover the Danish.

In addition to its other deficiencies, the original video was marred by a roughly 10-second gap in the audio near the beginning of Act I. Unfortunately, this is the only copy of this telecast that I was able to locate. In order to remedy this disruption in the audio, therefore, I substituted the missing section of music from an unrelated audio recording of the opera with a different cast. Far from an ideal solution, but I think it plays better than if the audio were absent altogether. That said, hopefully another copy of this classic performance with eventually turn up.

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Thank you, Paul Greif, for uploading this, What an opera this is! Act II is overwhelming. I have loved Carl Nielsen my whole life, but I continue to be amazed by his range and depth.

Author — Adrian Leverkuehn


Thank you so much. This is just a wonderful opera, great libretto & music, such a good cast, such good singing. I had heard it on record before, but this was so much more striking and well-done. The love duet early on just gives me
shivers.The Saul, David, Jonathon, Mikal, Samuel were all great.

Author — Mark Beck


Thank for your efforts in up-loading this video. I did not know it existed; great music from a great composer. I am amiss to wonder why a Danish recording company hasn't released an up-to-date version of this opera on DVD. Thanks again.

Author — robt007


I remember having listened to this opera by Carl Nielsen, when it was being broadcasted on Danish television back in 1986.
Such a delight to finally see this performance once again!

Author — René Blom


Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting this.

Author — jro571


Thank you for sharing this. I long for the day that this opera might be performed at Lyric Opera Chicago...(probably unlikely, but one can always hope)... :-)

Author — pianomanhere


Beautiful performance. So glad to see this video.

Author — Thomas Bagwell


Interesting opera. Very unique. Mr. Klint who sings Samuel has a phenomenal bass voice. Sounds like he trained in Russia as he has that Russian base voice on the tradition of Boris Christoff (and yes I know Christoff was Bulgarian). I noticed in the second act some music elements sounded very Mussorgsky.

Author — Leonard Kalom


Thanks. I have been looking for this performance for years!

Author — Vo Nguyen


Glorious piece, gloriously played and sung. It's the natural (even raw) and lyrical Nielsen of the first three symphonies who really lets rip here. The choruses are phenomenal and there is a grandeur which owes nothing to Wagner. Masterpiece. (Oh, and thanks for uploading this, of course!)

Author — Johan Herrenberg


Saw a student performance in London about 40 years ago and have wanted to see it again ever since. nice to see young Stig Froh Andersen .

Author — John Johnston


Libretto: Arne Einar Christiansen
Saul: Leif Roar
David: Kjell Magnus Sandve
Mikael: Eva Johansson
Jonathan: Christian Christiansen
Også medvirkende: Stig Fogh Andersen, Jørgen Klint og Minna Nyhus.

Author — Kepler