DIY Pine Cone And Resin Scale / Blank

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DIY Pine Cone And Resin Scale / Blank 5

Making two set of stabilized pine cone and resing.
It's a pretty common blank, I've seen it used many time as handles or turned for pens and so on. Wanted to try and make it myself because I really like how it looks and now with the vacuum chamber and pressure pot that I built in previous video I have all tools necesarry to hopefully make it work. With the second set I did a better job at centering the pine cones and I also like better the contrast of orange and purple dye. With the first one I notices some tiny bubbles still present near the center of the pine cone so with the other one I tried to degass the whole assembly with the vacuum pump before the resin had a chance to thicken up and then I place it to cure under pressure. But, as I have already notice in another video while making micarca, that had very little effect to the end result and I still had a couple of tiny holes in the center.

All materials for this project kindly provided by RESIN PRO find everything here:
And use code: "blackbeardprojects" For 10% off your orders (affiliate marketing).

Process of stabilizing is shown in details here:
Video about making the vacuum pump and chamber:
Video about making the pressure pot:
Video about pressure vs vacuum in composite materials:

Index of operation and materials:
0:15 Drying pine cones with pid controlled oven. 12 hours at 120°C (248°F)
0:27 Taking pine cones out of the oven before it cools down and placing it inside a sealed container so it does not absorb moisture
0:40 After the pine cones are cool completely covering in stabilizing resin
0:55 Slowly raising vacuum to prevent excessive bubbling
1:12 Taking to maximum vaccum and holding it for 4 hours or untill bubble stop rising
1:22 Slowly releasing vacuum then leave to soak inside the stabilizing resin overnight (12 hours)
1:45 Packing each piece individually in aluminum foil
2:06 Lefover resin can be collected and used over and over
2:24 Curing resin (stabilizing resin activates with heat) 2 hours at 95°C (203°F)
3:10 Removing excess resin
3:30 Grinding a flat side on the pine cones
3:45 Silicone mold and 3d printed petg holder box
4:00 Mixing epoxy resin (following manufacturer instructions)
4:14 Adding few drops of resin dyes
4:54 Mixing two glass of different color resin
5:20 Pouring one color on each side
5:33 Stick to hold pine cones down
5:41 Resing left to cure overnight under pressure to mitigate bubbles
6:37 Cutting eccess pine cone on band saw
7:05 Squaring up the blank to mark a precise center line
7:37 Cutting the blank in half to use it as scales in full tang
8:07 Sanding flat sides with sandpaper on a piece of flat glass
8:33 Sanded up to 320 grint and applied a clear coat to simulate mirror finish
9:26 Can be used matt if not buffed to a mirror finish

If you don't know where to find dyes and silicone mold here you go:
Yes, these are all affiliate links, buy wherever you want.

I found the silicone mold searching for soap and bread mold.
The one I bought are 16.5x7.5 cm (6.5x2.9 in) but I find them to be a bit short now that I've used them for some blanks.
The one I linked are 24.6x7 cm (9.7x2.8 in) and come with a wooden box ready to use so you don't have make one (or 3d print) like I did. But I haven't tried that one out so I can't guarantee for quality. Find one that fits your needs!

I bought the stabilizing resin here:

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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Author — Black Beard Projects


Well done! Always a pleasure to watch your work. I like the clear look very much, I haven't seen that too often. I'm actually (hopefully) getting new video out tomorrow with a knife with something similar for handle.

Author — Odd Tinkering


Those turned out great. What type of knife will you be putting them on?

Author — ManCraftingTM


One of the most beautiful things i've ever seen, true art.

Author — Mikey


Neat! Those would be killer scales for a straight razor. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Smacky Gamer


These scales with a Damascus knife would be a perfect match!

Author — Sharp Works


I hope we get to see these used!
and if the knife had some engraving, matching these scales, that would be very cool.

Author — Codi Watson


It's 4:30am, I have work tomorrow, and I'm watching pine cones... da fuq is my life?

Author — cowfinatic101


It truly seems like everything you touch turns to gold!!

Author — Zenmasterme


try mixing some mica powder into your resin? would add some shininess and zest

Author — Ryza


Oh wow, i absolutely adore these. Thank you.

Author — marnie p


Wow, man! Those are beautiful. I really enjoy the look of the lack of center in the one blue and green one. Looks like hovering pedals. Great work!

Author — darksi226


Heya. Whats the reason for stabilizing the pine cone since you covered em in resin? Will they fall apart when you saw them in half if you had not? Best regards

Author — Niklas Svensson


I hear a lot of big sport bike passed at the back on every video, wish i live next to you

Author — Ultra Linx


Can’t wait to see them on a knife or something.

Author — Ian Stradian


I'd like to make those into squares for coasters, they look great!

Author — matt heeb


Amazing video bro! I love your projects! They push us to new heights of what we feel capable of...



👏👏beautiful my friend, congratulations

Author — Neander Araujo


Ooooo... I like the orange-purple scales the best. Good show man!

Author — homeyshlitz


nice 3d printed silicone holder box. that's pretty neat, bet you thought i wasn't gonna notice

Author — Based Bidoof