Space Engine - Seamlessly Explore The Entire Universe

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Space Engine 0.99 is the latest huge update to the massively ambitious universe exploration sandbox. It introduces a new planetary terrain system, new volumetric nebulae, VR headset support and other technologies.
It's also the first paid update, costing $24.99 on Steam
But if you're still lacking cash the 0.98 version is still free on the space engine website.

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Ah, I remember playing with space engine a year or so ago. I was blown away by the photo-realism and immense detail, even if it only ran at 10 fps on my old computer.

Author — LazerLord10


"The reasons I turned them off I shall explain earlier" ... Scott = time traveller confirmed. That also explains his space knowledge.

Author — FrankyBoy


I've been following the development of this simulator for a while, and own the previous version. Saw this video was up and immediately made my purchase. Thank you for bringing this latest update to my attention Scott, I probably wouldn't have discovered it on my own for quite a while :)

Author — William Hemminger


Pro Tip: There are buttons on the right panel which can disable clouds and everything else much more effectively.

Author — Ghost Though


I've been following the Space Engine development for many years. Happy it finally gets the attention it always deserved!

Author — phobos2077


Space Engine wasn't made to explore our solar system... It was meant to explore THE UNIVERSE!

Author — Ardagus


Why does NASA spend so much on rockets when they could just play this game smh

Author — ThePedrobl


I don't know why, but when I first loaded up space engine, looked around in different directions and saw Andromeda looming back at me, my mind flipped out.

I guess it's quite something realising that the thing you've heard about all the time is actually part of reality.

I can't imagine what it's like to experience the real thing, going up to space in reality.

Author — The TNTsheep


1. Turn off clouds on Venus to see what's Protomolecule is really doing
2. Profit

Author — SolarWindsRider


This game is so relaxing, i like to sit on one of the objects orbiting Jupiter and accelerate time just a bit while i eat.
it actually gets pretty scary sometimes.

Author — TheHueisOver™


Looks great! I have the Stellarium installed and it is good to begin exploring the planets and its moons. This Space Engine is something worth exploring too. Thank you Scott.

Author — Pintuxo


Yay! Thank you so much, Scott, for spending some time on this software.

Author — Phunnie


With reference to the 180 solar mass star, typically, the largest stars have mass of about 200 solar masses. These stars burn through their fuel fast, dying early. Eventually, after a long time, the only stars left in a galaxy will be the small red ones, rendering the galaxy as red. The main way of getting big new stars like that in an old galaxy such as that would be an interaction/disturbance from another nearby galaxy (which there isn't). The alternative is that a stable H II region of space in the galaxy was disturbed by, say emissions from a supernova, causing the region to collapse into a new star. I'd say that this is the most likely scenario.

Author — Isaac Kaufmann


Hey Scott just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful and interesting videos. I actually just enrolled into a free astronomy and physics college course because of your videos. You have renewed my love of space and science, Thank You again brother FLY

Author — james payne


Damn, I've messed around in earlier versions of Space Engine before, but this video just re-awaked a sense of awe at how immense space is. Great video, definitely going to go and buy this version on steam.

Author — David Francis


This game was a treat when it came out melting my computer even then. Its great wandering around the universe finding the most crazy stuff and best screenies. And its great because you can use real luminosity values and see how some stuff actually looks.

Author — Atrahasis7


I love space engine, I've been watching sunsets on binary systems for awhile satisfying to get that orbit speed nice and just let it run

Author — D4yDre4mer


Hey Scott! Thanks again for showing me a fabulous piece of software again! :D You brought me to KSP/RO and now to this mindblowing stuff ;) Didnt know why i does not discovered it till now. This is what I searched for long. Fly save and keep going with your videos! THX

Author — Interstate


It already has loads of great reviews on steam. I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves. It even has VR support!

Author — kendokaaa


1) I think when the game says there's life on the surface it adds some additional textures on the surface, they look kinda like greenish-brown moss
2) You can add Star Trek ships from the workshop and that's just the greatest feeling ever
3) Also you can get high-res textures for Earth, Moon and some other bodies as free DLCs

Author — Nikita Nedelko