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Back to School Mr Bean | Episode 11 | Widescreen Version | Mr Bean Official 4.5

Bean attends an open day at a school and unleashes his usual brand of chaos in the various classes he visits. Despite all his fun, Bean's day takes a somber turn when he discovers that his cherished Mini is not where he left it.

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You will be remembered as a legendry artist who without speaking a word make people laugh

Author — Ñæ èl


Mr Bean made our childhood more special miss those days 😢😢

Author — Asif Vora


the man with no if u agree!!!

Author — Lawrence Lopez


Bean is the man who can make any one to laugh

Author — Aman Kasaudhan


Any one during lockdown days... Miss my childhood days😭😭😭😭

Author — Dr. Athira


these dislikes from the owner of blue car ..

Author — RAJPUT FF


Honestly forgot how funny that French Art Teacher was

Author — Paradox Acres


Rowan, one of few people who DESERVE to be a millionair.

Author — Aaron Hahn


When I was a child I used to cry when he's car got rolled with a tank

Author — xFNiXr X


Mr. Bean has taught us how one can make you laugh without saying a word, like Chaplin again. 💓

Author — Active Tamal


That last scene of his car being crushed always makes me cry 😭

Author — Darshan


14:14 the way she says "the body!" xD Im dead

Author — Mike b


9:30 I closed the phone and laughing so loudly 😂😂🤣

Author — INDIA No. 1


14:09 "The body? Uh? The body? The body~~~~"

Author — Kirishatsu


This person never fails to make me laugh...

Author — Sonali Modak


Malayalikal ondo 😎

Ondenkil like here

Author — Ajay m Sunil


Man watching these in lockdown time is the best i miss my childhood😭😭😭

Author — Kevin 2250


22:59 when I was young I felt so bad for him

Author — HQ


That Judo teacher seems familiar.
I remember watching an episode of him on bowling alley.

Author — Amalgamation Prime


I’m studying art and that painting scene had me in tears!!!

Author — Heet Purohit