Mia Baking Alone for the First Time

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This is a memory I will cherish forever. She is truly my best friend, my baby.

Twitter: @Lauraskitchen

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Mia & Rose...taking over the kitchen! Love this

Author — FlavCity with Bobby Parrish


I can't believe how much she looks just like you, Laura. The first time she looked-up and smiled, it was uncanny. He eyes squint and her smile arcs, and right down to the way her lips move when she talks while she smiles... she's the spitting image of you.

Author — Home Atlaska


How precious. I remember when Laura just first announced her pregnancy and then showed Mia on the channel for the first time and now she’s baking alone for the first time. They grow up so fast! 🥺

Author — Destiny


When “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is the background music 🎶

Author — Jane


Mia is so blessed to have a mother who shows her how to cook and bake, and then gives her the space to do it. It's truly a beautiful thing!

Author — Joanie S


This gave me Matilda vibes when she cooks her pancakes. She’s so adorable and grown up!

Author — MaxRegan


In 20 years “Mia in the kitchen” she is the cutest little girl! ❤️

Author — Cheryl G


All you Laura... All you. You’ve given her a gift that is priceless and endless.

Author — Michelle Sculthorpe


Mia needs her own cooking channel ! She’s awesome !

Author — Melissa Keegan


Awwww her baking 🥺. Where have the time go? One minute she was a couple months old with a rolling pin and some dough and the next minute she's baking on her own 🥺😢.

Author — Marlana Riley


I actually felt very emotional watching Mia and listening to the inspirational song. Mia has grown so nicely and has an amazing mother who teaches her.

Author — SuperCHERISHED


Aw! She’s so gentle & precise! She worked so hard to get it right! What a sweetie!

Author — bluelove33


Never seen something this adorable..I'm literally crying 😭

Author — Sushma Kafle


Go Mia! She’s so calm and focused and has grown up so much. Truly her mother’s daughter!

Author — Robyn Retro


"Hi, guys! I'm Mia Vitale, and on this episode of Mia in the Kitchen..." 😆❤️❤️

Author — Tiasha Madden


I can't believe how big she is, this is such a precious moment

Author — Rica G


Her squeezing the lemon, and her arms were just a shaking....precious, and using the mixer like a pro! Nice job, Mia!

Author — Robin Voak


This is so precious someone at her age doesn’t give a care in the world about baking but she does and she did an incredible job those blueberry lemon rolls looked amazing better than mine not gonna lie 😂

Author — Alex Korotkov


Wow she can do that all by herself at that age!? I'm impressed. Such a little professional

Author — Anna L


I don't know how to express my feelings for Mia, she was this tiny little bundle of joy who is now grown enough to bake by herself. My heart is filled with love and warmth by seeing her grow so gracefully ♥️

Author — Nidha Shaikh