Attack on Titan Season 3 - Eren See's The Ocean

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They finally reach the ocean :)

Anime - Attack on Titan Season 3

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Please be weary of comments if your an anime only. You really, I mean really not going to want spoilers for the last season 🤧♥️

Author — Zentr0


You know the anime is a masterpiece when the beach episode isn't fanservice but just some foreshadowing of more depression

Author — TubHat


After catching up to season 4, the scene where Eren ask if killing all enemies would achieve freedom feels like he's asking himself rather than his friends. It's like Eren is asking his future self if that's really the only way to finally be free: by commiting global genocide.
It makes the scene even more heartbreaking the more I think about it that way.

Author — GokuForHire SOOON


“If we kill every last one of our enemies out there, will we finally be free then” that line broke me. Eren spent his entire life thinking that making it to the sea would symbolize his freedom, only to find out that there are even worse dangers beyond it

Author — daryan leos


"It goes on forever."

Eren isn't talking about the ocean 🥲

Author — YUR1KO


I really like how the shell that Armin is holding is drying up, it's a nice representation of the innocence of the scene going away. They wanted to discover the sea to have fun, now they realize it's just an other obstacle to other rivals to exterminate

Author — Amos_ FR


When you realize that Petra and Erwin never saw the ocean.

Author — Benjamin


I love how Erens humanity is clearly gone here... he’s not shocked by the ocean... he doesn’t laugh, cry, jump for joy.. he simply prepares to move forward and ATTACK.

Author — JaybuckODT


This anime really does a good job showing the audience the futility of war. They fought so hard just to encounter more enemies. And, (spoiler alert), by the end of the manga you find out it was all for naught and the cycle just ends up repeating itself.

Author — TheRanged MartialArtist


This scene always reminds me of graduating college. A lot of people are hyped just to be there but don’t know what’s beyond that… true life begins. The celebration is far too early, I always felt like eren, having foresight on what was to come after the “wall”.

Amazing scene, they did a great job with this season.

Author — Brandon Green


This scene, to me, is the best scene in the entire AoT series and hell, one of the best moments in anime history period. This scene is the culmination of what Eren, his friends, the Paradis Eldians, and even the viewers have been through in the journey of this series.

All along we thought that once they got beyond the walls and reached the ocean, they'd finally be free from all the suffering caused by the titans, but we (and they) were terribly wrong. The ocean wasn't a symbol to the beginning of their freedom at all. There was no freedom beyond the ocean. The ocean was just another wall. And beyond that wall, was just another enemy. An even greater enemy than the titans, in fact. The fighting and their suffering has only just begun.

I would've been completely satisfied if the series had ended here (and also tied up a few loose ends before the Scouts reached the ocean, of course). This scene is *Chef's Kiss.* Pure poetry in motion. Absolutely magnificent.

Author — Prolific Pops


Missed it when Eren’s eyes were full of glimmer and yearning

Author — Yoonaddict


Spend the whole 3 season suffering just to find out your enemy is the whole world against you 🥲🥲
Someone give Eren a hug

Author — Lucy Scarlet


This is why you don't give people spoilers. Eren's dad didn't listen and now his son can't enjoy the ocean, because he's already seen it.

Author — whade62000


"Everything here is exactly like I saw in my dad's memories"

Knowing what we know now, if this means what I think it means, this is god-tier foreshadowing

Author — John Jones


And in this beautiful moment, the best written anime villain was born.

Author — Phoenix


The synergy between Isayama and Sawano is amazing, I really love how they were able to turn the most beautiful scene into a really depressing one

Author — Vade Retro


This is THE scene from AoT. This is the scene I think about when this show comes up. The beauty, the pain. Endless possibilities and discovering the world is a cage larger than you could ever imagine. This is the best scene in attack on Titan, and it chokes me up every time.

Author — john smith


What a way for WIT Studio to leave a mark on AOT.

Author — Hessian Kyojin


Armin: look isn’t the ocean so beaut-
Eren: *Marley shall know pain.*

Author — LordLeezy