Annexing Canada

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

This was done for a political science class extra credit project. Purely satirical.

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I'm Canadian by birth, but would be American by force.

Author — Nerdificent


I hate to say this, but the United States is facing serious future global strategic issues. We simply cannot allow Russia or China to get a foothold in the arctic. The United States will inevitably need to annex everything west of Ontario to the north passage. Our global strategic needs are far too great. The fact that Canada has been living under the United States defense umbrella for over 70 years with very little contribution needs to come to an end. Eastern Canada has been living under the US defense umbrella long enough, and they have been sucking off the teat of Alberta's oil revenue transfer payments to feed their aging socialist population. Frankly, everyone's getting a bit fed up with it.
Canada has the worlds largest shoreline, and only 6, 000 sailors to defend it. Canada also has the 2nd largest land mass with some of the most important natural resources in the world, yet only 75, 000 soldiers to defend it. I'm sorry, but a nation that cannot defend itself is not sovereign. In reality, Canada really hasn't been truly sovereign for over 70 years. It only exists because of the United States as a over-seeing protectorate. You all may need to get used to the idea of statehood.

Author — Condor1970