Dark Messiah of Might and Magic [Any%] by Cropax - #ESASummer19

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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic [Any%] by Cropax - #ESASummer19 5

#ESASummer19 Speedruns - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic [Any%] by Cropax

This video was recorded live at ESA Marathon.
ESA Marathon is a Speedrunning Event held in Sweden twice a year.

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Man, one cannot describe how epic this game was to play when it came out. No other game was like it and i thought it was gonna be a huge game changer in the industry but for some reason it didnt catch on.

Because i played this game I was IMMENSELY disappointed with Skyrim’s combat which launched 5 years after dark messiah. This game was truly ahead of its time.

Author — JPreciado


Picture this:
You wake up the hero guy so he can defend himself from the attackers. He then furiously kicks you and saves the world in the next 25 minutes since waking up.

Author — Psyko


Love how he spends 45+ seconds skipping a 30 second cutscene

Author — Electric Gunz


The skull is the only thing that matters now.

Author — Shaber


it's really sad that this game was overshadowed by Oblivion. While the story is not that great, the gameplay was top notch, I can only imagine if it had been a fully free roaming game.

Author — CJanitorC


Why is there so much sound going on in the background its sounds like 3 different runs are going on that someone accidently left a mic on in another speed run room

Author — john mora


This game is somehow a must play game for me every year.
When it came out my dad didn't know what I would want for my birthday so he being into RPG games and so was I he went to a game store, looked a bit around and when the cashier asked him what he's searching for he just said some RPG.
The cashier then told him that few days back this game called "Dark Messiah of Might & Magic" came out and when he heard that he was like a baby in a candy store.
You know, Might & Magic 6 - 8 is somewhat of my family's game you could say.
Everyone played Might & Magic 6 to 8.
My both parents, my brother and sister ... and we all shared some secrets, knowledge where something is, how to glitch out some mini-boss npc's (For example the miniboss called "Q" in M&M6 you can glitch him around a corner so he will send his spells into a wall and you can barely hit him with your melee attacks.

So he got home, gave me the game and holy shit I was so surprised when I played it for the first time.
Yes it had nothing to do with Might & Magic series (we didn't know that Ubisoft bought out 3DO and butchered the "brand" Might & Magic) so my dad was a bit disappointed, but still played it through several times.
Nowdays I just can't play this game normally.
I know every secret, boosts, invisible walls and thanks to this speedrun I know some new ones that I didn't find on my own.

This game when it came out was really ahead of it's time, the combat was the most fun you could get and even though the story is kinda "Yeah get the skull, oh noes the skull's gone, let's get the skull, oh noes it's gone again" of way, but still... every year I play through this game and boi o' boi how god damn much I wish for a similiar game ...

Author — TEJR


I've played this game alot, the combat mechanics are amazing

Author — thegurem


They need to make a second Dark Messiah or another Thief, but this time please a good one.

Author — st0ox


Funhaus did a really funny play through! I love seeing someone fly past all the missions they spent weeks doing lol

Author — Sean Bryant


12:14 Cropax HLTV user confirmed mens))??? 👀

Author — Tony Oliveira


God if only we lived in source engine I’d bhop everywhere

Author — jack long


Nice run man! Really enjoyed seeing the Source related shenanigans; had no clue this game ran on the engine. Pour it up!

Author — Joshua Chenault


The screaming is the background is a bit distracting.

Author — Darlan


i remember that part with escorting percy, when i played it i ran past the ogre not throughthe door just straight ahead and percy
teleported to the next part so no need to wait for him if you took the sneaky approach, i still turned around to stab the ogre in the eye tho

Author — Glory Orb


4:18 I'm so glad we got that second, far worse explanation of the tech the runner just eloquently described.

Author — DATAm0d


An unique take on mini-putt golf since Kirby's Dream Course.

Author — jerzey deville


I loved the Multiplayer, and the Meme SKULL OF THE SEVENTH DRAGON went around my inner circle of friends for ages.

Author — Pnoch Eowell


the cutscene is only 30 seconds, waste 1 minute trying to get passed the skull is the only thing that matters.

Author — Hamguy Bacon


30 minutes is how long it took me to finish chapter 3.

Author — Tyler Ho