Ormus Review - After 2 years - Monoatomic Gold Experience

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Ormus Review - After 2 years - Monoatomic Gold Experience 4.5
This is a brief review of my use of ormus products over the past 2 years.

I have taken and tried various types of monoatomic gold products over the past couple of years. I find that it helps to deepen my daily meditations. It also gives a natural boost in energy.

If you decided to take it try to give it a few weeks to notice a difference. It is a mineral supplement and not a drug, so don't expect to "get high" or have a psychedelic trip.

I have not noticed any negative effects from taking ormus. It is not addictive. I have gone a few months without taking it and felt fine.

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Shaine Warren has used her discretion to report her experiences with Ormus not as a model to follow but as an attempt to disclose public awareness. Shaine Warren disclaims any liability to any person for any kind of loss or damage including but not limited to, any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages caused by public and individual attempts to reproduce her experiences.

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So you never can tell if reviews are honest or paid

Author — Anya


MONOATOMIC GOLD repairs and Lengthens your Telomeres, your body uses the nano-clusters of GOLD bio-chemicaly



It's weird, you look like me. Anyway, I've just started taking Monatomic gold about 3 weeks ago. And you are right about the energy and the other things you spoke about. I use to be very up on my meditation, food intake and positivity, however I stopped and I just started with the monatomic and it has gotten me to a place that I wanted to get to with all of those aspects except now it is more natural to me. I am always in positive moods, and I think the biggest thing for me is that I just don't give a shit anymore. Like when you get older, there are so many things that you fear whereas when you are younger you are a bit fearless and you get more done and have more accomplishments. I feel like I am getting my mojo back. I have also heard that you become psychic after you do enough of it, I am not so sure about that, but I have been getting some really crazy dreams and I feel as if I can astral project a lot easier. For you trolls out there... leave me alone I'm sensitive.

Author — boaz abel


You are a very Elegant and Beautiful Lady. Thank you for the info and God Bless.

Author — Leslie Porter


After reading the DISCLAIMER I take this vid as an Add. Notice that she never answered any of your questions folks.

Author — Mr Smith


Good video. Just remeber folks REAL ormus acts almost instantly and try to order from your own country if you must order out of country make sure its wrapped in tinfoil and a protective bag. Ormus helps everyone but the changes are never the same. It's very spiritual. I'll be making pure gold ormus soon.

Author — Mr Morgan


It's also guaranteed to relieve you of large amounts of cash..

Author — David Billyard


Damn it, just say it! It's like being high off weed, without the smoke or oder or munchies 😁👍🏼 but seriously that is what it's like.

Author — Random Stuff


Hi Shaine! Thanks so much for the info. I'm just finding out about this & plan to do a lotta research on this. Seems like the problem is... the body cant replicate the same conditions, as you can do in a lab. However, i think we are at a starting point, with this. Under lab conditions, It will phase in out of our 3 dimensional space & the amount of applications there will be for this is mind blowing.
Please make more videos! I wood love to talk to you about your Monoatomic Gold Experience. I am very interested in this. If your still on here, pls getta hold of me, if you wanna talk about it more.

Author — elvis presley


Real ormus will leave a wonderful film on your teeth. Actual healing. I was considering making my own

Author — Mr Morgan


what does naturally occurring mean does it mean they haven't extracted it and spun it with the lye? i am really confused about all of this

Author — quben alex


Youre right in general, ormus helps to streghten your bioenergy in general, however, its not wise to stop meditating and cultivating oneself.
Why? Cause wen you grow, it needs to be balabced, and you only have balance thruough conciusness and awareness, of oneself and of the surrondings.
Its of little good if you have a strongh healthy body but you dont use it properly, the same with your mind, chakras and aura, they need to be properly exerciced, not only powered.
Good journey.

Author — juan esmit


Just got into this stuff realize the stuff that they're selling is on the opposite end of the spectrum apparently not the 22k gold but salt is what they use therefore not the God powder it's apparently the Lesser educated cousin LOL

Author — Emarosa Cregg


Been thinking about taking the supplement and hearing your testimony has led me to think I may want to. thank you very much!

Author — ben smith


I was watching you vid to see when you were going to say why you decided to take monoatomic gold, was there a specific event, disorder or what, and how you came across it. I meditate too, Transcendental Meditation and I know how it develops total brain functioning. I was watching another YouTube video "They Found It In South Africa" just by clicking on it when this substance was mentioned. I did not finish the vid but starting to research how it can be made and what the effects are when ingested, and that's how I came across your vid. I am curious as why you decided to take it and what are the other effects you have noticed.

Author — La Man


Your energy sounds amazing I'm definitely going to start using ormus. Thank you for sharing your voice. Namaste

Author — genetic awakening


Struggle to break free of the dogs & unite all in Higher Self 💕

Author — Haroulla Fanos


Exodus 32:20 And he (Moses) took the (golden) calf which they had made and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Isreal drink it.

Author — Justin Anderson


Great video! I love your energy, so calm and serene. 😊 Since this video is 2 years old, are you still using ormus now?

Author — Djinaya Winn


ooh, I'd love you to review our ORMUS, with Shilajit, Zeolite & 24k Gold <3