Burkley iPhone 7/8 Plus Premium Ultra Slim Case w/ Credit Card Slot Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Here is a review/informational video on the Burkley iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus ultra slim leather case. I got mine in the Antique Camel color but you can also get Antique Coffee, Burnished Tan, and Rolex Black. I hope you like this review. Thanks for watching!

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Great video as always! That is a really nice case!

Author — Joseph Tuckerman


I bought my sister a similar case and she liked it. The only downfall is that if you lose your phone, you also lose whatever you had in the card holder. Great vid again keep it up

Author — twitter


Pretty nice case keep up the great work

Author — Josue Mena


wow they were spot on with the matte black color. it's a very seamless case

Author — Mario Barraza


really nice phone case and keep up the great work😁

Author — Amin Turajev


Doesnt the credit card just fall out? Anyways, very good video like always fam 👍🏻👍🏻

Author — Dapper SEM


case and wallet at the same time!! awesome!!

Author — Vishal Giri


I need one for my iPhone 7+ looks sweet



i agree with the thought of this, but realistically if lose your phone u loose you credit card, drivers license, and etc. I still like the texture of the case tho

Author — CJ Dziadkowiec


Simple with a hint of modern with the texture.

Author — Google User


I'd probably buy one of those if I had an iPhone, I have an Off brand Android phone so there are literally no cases for it. #Timetogetinventing

Author — Crims0n


I just got my I phone 6 do you have any cases

Author — franky


Hey bro!!! the views are coming back :D

Author — Bridus B.