Ukraine plane 'highly likely' shot down by Iran missile - US officials say

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Ukraine plane 'highly likely' shot down by Iran missile - US officials say 4
US officials have said that it's highly likely that it was an Iranian missile that brought down a passenger plane yesterday.

All 176 people on board the Ukrainian International Airline flight were killed when it crashed just outside Tehran. Iran initially blamed an engine fire for the crash, and it seems the strike was a tragic accident.
We'll be speaking to our Washington correspondent Siobhan Kennedy and our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum in Baghdad in a moment.
Here, the Prime Minister spoke to Ukrainian President Zelensky to call for a "full, credible and transparent investigation". Three Britons were among the dead.

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I feel so sorry for the victims and their families.

Author — Flerpy Derper


US officials tell the truth
Iran lies

Author — maroom1


This is the exact reason why Iran cannot have a nuclear bomb. They are so sloppy and incompetent.

Author — mmaaxx1198


The Iranian Government has officially became the largest and most hateful Terrorist organization ever👎👎

Author — 405 BOY


If the plane was having mechanical issues there would have been emergency communication contact from the crew.

Author — Mission Impossible


I’m sorry to all the families who lost loved ones

Author — MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster


If that's true, the Iranians look very incompetent.

Author — N Wibawa


When you are poorly trained and scared, even your own shadow can look like the enemy. This is a tragedy of incompetence.

Author — rmwtsou


Shot down by a sad..may those beautiful souls forever rest in peace!

Author — Lo La


Why are they trying to twist the story to make it America's fault?'

Author — Chattingesque


He's right .... a terrible tragedy ... they should give the black boxes over now and have an open investigating

Author — MR Spoon


I love my president of the 🇺🇸 i don't care who say but sad to see how many life loss the iranian know when the would have shoot off that missiles

Author — John adam


How do you let a plane take off after being grounded? You dont this was no accident!

Author — Team America


And now the site has been picked clean of all debris so that there is no evidence left behind that showed shrapnel damage to the aircraft.

Author — geminiprodj


The question has to be asked why Iran would do this. To shoot down an aircraft that has only just departed one of their airports!!!

Author — Mexican Highlife


Iran now admitting they shot down the plane due to human error, yet still tries to blame the US for it. That's a bad look Iran.

Author — Dbccbj97


Iran shoots down its own plane. Response: lets blame America.

Author — rndom persn


skripal was, ,highly likeli'', now next, ,highly likely''

Author — Slawomir Nowak


I'm quote my favourite American general "nuke em"

Author — SoloCharlemagne


Chaos...upon...chaos...Lord Grant us peace... we need peace more than ever🙏🙏🙏

Author — Jeanpaul Tran