Has Brexit made the breakup of the UK more likely? - BBC Newsnight

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Has Brexit made the breakup of the UK more likely? - BBC Newsnight 3
The Acts of Union of 1707 led to the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Can it survive Brexit?

A YouGov poll of approximately 900 Conservative Party members found that 63% of those surveyed would prefer Brexit to go ahead even it caused Scottish independence. So how committed is the Conservative Party to keeping the UK together? Ben Chu Reports.

In the studio, Emma Barnett is joined by Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell and the SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford.

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The breakup already happened during the referendum: Gibraltar voted by 90% to remain, Scotland voted by 62% to remain, London voted by 60% to remain, and Northern Ireland voted by 56% to remain. These divisions, though, are most likely deep seated and were brought to the surface by the Brexit debate.

The UK hasn't been united in purpose for a very long time. Trying to hold it together will help no one.

Author — Éamonn Síoċáin


EU to UK: United we are Stronger.
UK to EU : No. I want to be free.
UK to Scotland: United we are Stronger.

Author — Franz Papai


The UK is an artificial construct.
It's a beautiful irony that its demise was brought about by the Conservative party and the DUP!

Author — Bat Taz


As a person born in Scotland with an English mother and Scottish father, I strongly opposed the Yes campaign in 2014. Since that time I have entirely changed my mind. The situation in the UK is simply not what it was, and is not tenable for a future integrated United Kingdom. Scotland is basically a social democratic country like Denmark. Every time we see a more and more right-wing government being voted in by the English. There is just no escape. The UK Parliament takes no account of democracy in Scotland. There is also the major case of staying in the European Union. It is not that Scotland has changed, it is England that is moving further away from Scotland. It looks as if the next UK government would be a Brexit Conservative coalition. Labour has now become worthless. So socially democratic Scotland and ultra conservative England. That's not democracy for the Scottish people and never will be for at least a generation. It is better now just to call it quits.

Author — Sand all


She literally just went is Boris Johnson a gift to you. She said no. Then the presenter goes well you're just not admitting it yet.

BBC at its finest lol

Author — Reece Young


The lady in the green jacket made some excellent points and did a fantastic job of forcing better questions from the host, with a great result being great answers.

Author — Wes Yates


"The United Kingdom - Together since 1707" - Actually not correct. Great Britain has been together since 1707. The UK has been in existence since 1801, with the act of union between Great Britain and Ireland. And since then most of Ireland broke away in 1921. Anyway carry on...

Author — Oliver Moore


Don't forget that Scotland and France were in an Alliance from 1295 to 1560

Author — John John


As a family of 4 nations we are stronger together? Wonder how much stronger we'd be as a family of 28 nations...

Author — Aaron Giles


The elite from your own country is to blame for the lack of opportunities, for poverty, for most problemns in your country...But hey keep blaming immigrants, that will solve everything, for sure...

Author — first Impression


the political union known as the United Kingdom is in its last days

Author — Axel Brosi


I hope so.. cannot stand UK anymore, the right thing should be the EU demand UK breaking out with no Deal at this point

Author — lucas 2b


It's a voluntary union Scotland and England, let's see how little England copes without Scotlands vast wealth

Author — stephen kelly


I say break Britain up and let each country have its independence.

Author — nunchaku101


This whole segment ignores what happened in 1921/2 and creates this imaginary island

Author — Cian Hegarty


As a brexit voter I have zero problems with Scottish independence. I voted to take back control from Brussels to have decisions and laws made closer to home in Westminster. I'd be a hypocrite if I had any problem with Scotland voting for independence to take back powers from Westminster to have decisions and laws made closer to home in Holyrood.

Author — resiplayerz


Any video showing the absurdity of brexit brings out the troll's and Russian's

Author — logik100


The only ones fighting for the rights and stability of people in Northern Ireland is the Irish government.
Very telling.

Author — Damien


If Scotland leaves they will all stop paying for a TV licence It is "British" after all and the BBC will be a memory in a few years.

Author — shawn G


Anyone who thinks Brexit will not destroy the UK is delusional. All the SNP need right now is an excuse for a vote and Brexit will give them that.

Author — Edward Lafferty