U.K.'s Stephen Hammond on Firing From Conservative Party

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U.K.'s Stephen Hammond on Firing From Conservative Party 3.5

Sep.04 -- U.K. Conservative Member of Parliament Stephen Hammond discusses being one of more than 20 Conservatives to be thrown out of the Tory party after defying the orders of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He speaks with Bloomberg's Anna Edwards on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

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all charlatans must be removed from Parliament 😉

Author — Gabbe Gubbe


He voted for brexit but then voted for amendments on the side. Enough with the bs

Author — Midnight Rambler


Now the deepstate media will make martyrs of their puppets.

Author — Archer Cillian


This pumped-up stuffed shirt is a traitor to the party and to the people. He knew full-well what was going to be the result of voting against the party at a time like that. Few will lament the departure of such an EU puppet.

Author — TroyaE117


This guy confesses that he has been a politician and Conservative MP for forty years - straight out of university, Maybe now he's been sacked he can get a real job. At no point in the interview was there any discussion of public opinion or democracy. It was all to do with party manoeuvering.

Author — Harold L POTTS


Those Conservative MP's have supported the wrong party deliberately knowing they will be expelled from the conservative club Those people are globalist not conservative.

Author — corsair expanse


Cometh the day, cometh the man.  Time to bring on Farage. Go on Nigel sort them out.

Author — David Hunter


He is an MP for heavily remaining constituency, so he doing his duty to represent the people.

Author — Iv Hristov


You have given the control of brexit to the EU
Also worse I think since the voters voted to leave the eu you are traitorous!

Author — Grant Towell


Of course hes kicking them out. His party has committed Treason and Genocide against the British public. Their Austerity policies have pushed hundreds of thousands into destitution and resulting suicides. They have killed more British People on homeland soil with their policies than any Enemy in our history.. Austerity wasn't in their manifesto, it was a political choice. THEY KNEW IT WOULD KILL PEOPLE. But they also knew the Spineless British public would let them get away with it. The Tories turned me into a Nationalist. Fuck right wing English people. Time to get out of this crumbling empire of a Union.

Author — Dawson Davis


Let’s get this straight guys. The Tory Scum Party? It’s nearly all over now 🇮🇪😷☝️

Author — Dj Doolittle


Couldn't care less if every Tory gets sacked, there greedy captialism lovers. They care only for 2 things power and greed 😡😠

Author — stephen kelly