Regulation Size End Grain Chess Board with Gold Leaf

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Regulation Size End Grain Chess Board with Gold Leaf 5

In this video I make a regulation size end grain chess board with a brass border and hand carved initials with gold leaf.

The squares are 2.25" x 2.25" and they are made from ash and black walnut. The frame around the board is 2.5" wide and it's made from black walnut with a tiger maple edge band. The mitered corners of the frame are reinforces with mortise and tenon joinery. Four inch finger slots are routed along the bottom of the two sides. The thickness of the board is 1.25"

Items I used in this project include:

Music in this video is from Epidemic Sound:
00:00 Standing Tall - Magnus Ringblom
03:48 Summertime Daydream - Peter Sandberg
08:03 Just Wanted to Tell You - Almost Here
12:23 To Stella - Bladverk Band
16:09 Just One More Night With You - Thiago
20:54 Midnight Serenade - Bladverk Band
24:04 Got That Feeling - Peter Sandberg
30:03 Night by Night - Bladverk Band
33:40 Ages Ago - Ennio Mano

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Everyone I know that uses that barbecue brush has the exact same issue

They just seem magnetically attracted to wood glue

Author — Noah Hastings


"this carving may look daunting, you just have to not mess up"

Author — Gus Ramirez


I would like to know the dimensions of the planks you used and some idea of their cost. Great work, looking forward to making my first one in about 6 months once I settle in to my new home.

Author — Aaron Tremblay


I am impressed. It was like rewatching a mystery movie. You know how it ends but the plot still intrigues.

Author — Allan Johnson


I would love to pass something like this down as an heirloom. Outstanding work and very satisfying to watch, thanks for sharing your craftsmanship man.

Author — Rigby Rigbone


Oh wow! That is a very nice chessboard! Even looks like a piece of art. So clean, neatly done, and beautiful! I am so awed...

Author — Andy Wijaya


about the music:
"one mojito and a whisky on the rocks, please..."

Author — Linden Drechsler


See If I tried this, the engraving might look great, but I'd realize just after finishing, that it's upside down or something.

Author — Aclay 16


Wow just wow I’m speechless on this work of art

Author — Charles Smith


Your craftsmanship is out of this world wish I could afford a board like this.

Author — Mad Bren


That is a great chess board! Definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Congrats for a great work!

Author — Fearless The Purple Lightning


This was impressive this is what great men truly become and can achieve.
I was moved by the sway of the calm delightful piano and the choice of words and editing fit the script so well.
I've learned many things and it becomes easy and boring to master a new skill. But extreme precision reflects a master of skill regardless of the trade hobbies or sport.
He is not just a carpenter and mill worker. He is a actual professional.

Author — Taylor Schiff


"Pretty good"???? This is fabulous! Great job, Sir!

Author — Kathleen Orce


You just gained a sub. I love the BGM, the detail and the soothing vibe of the whole video. You're gonna be my new go to for relaxing

Author — Adam Segarra


I loved the board, and was very informative. The music took me back to Mister Rogers neighborhood. It put a big smile on my face, thank you. You are a true gem and I could watch your videos everyday.

Author — Brian Achmoody


A chessboard making "Grandmaster" if ever there was. I would love to play a few games on one of your boards. Win or lose I would definitely enjoy every minute of every game. What a clever fellow you are. Thanks for taking the time to show us all the creative moves that take place before we chess players can begin to make ours.Thanks again and Good luck.

Author — zeewildeman


That's a really fancy cutting board :D

Author — theodoro89


Just amazing. Beautiful work. A masterpiece. I just put that chess board on my bucket list. I would love to see your version of a cribbage board. Job well done.

Author — Eric Schenk


I wish I could get the checker pattern correct to start...

Author — Arnulfo Ortega


That was the one of the SICKEST works of art I have ever seen. WOW!! I have taught chess for years and, just WOW!

Author — Pedro Arellano